My teenager is struggling to get up

Growing up, kids like to watch late to listen to the music, chat with their friends on the Internet, watch series ... What is not really compatible with an awakening at dawn! Anne Lanchon Finished the time when they went to bed without discussing, on parental order: the teenagers need to appropriate the time of their bedtime, and the parents must agree to make them autonomous on this point.

One can not love one's children the same

Parents believe in equal love, but that's impossible, says psychoanalyst Claude Halmos. And so much the better. Because every child is singular, and to love differently does not mean to love less. Claude Halmos The parent-child link And who do you prefer? Your daddy or your mom? Children - at least those who could not escape by proclaiming: "I prefer chocolate!

I saw myself "coming out" of my body

I experienced something extraordinary, out of the ordinary. I hesitated for a long time before talking about my story, lest I be misunderstood. I come from Kabylie, and I have a faith in God unshakable, a faith such that the most beautiful words of the French dictionary could not define it! Several years ago, pregnant for a few weeks, I went to the "other side" for the first time.

Guy Corneau: Let's start by making peace with ourselves

How can one break with this operation? Life takes care of giving us back to ourselves. There comes a moment when, by constantly rushing into the same dead ends, we know the feeling of defeat I mentioned earlier. Repetition acts as a warning signal and invites us to reconsider our choices. I think it is important then not to give in to the temptation of self-evaluation.

Fibromyalgia: Double Penalty

What is fibromyalgia, this disease of those "who have pain everywhere"? This syndrome, which affects 2 million people in France, remains unknown, or at least often despised, including by the medical profession. Leaving suffering patients on the floor: to the real physical pains is added that of being perceived as grumblers a little cozy.

Stimulate the brain to heal: what we learn neuroscience

Alzheimer's, deep depression, TO C ... Neuroscience wonders about the link between the brain and the ills spirit. Can we imagine treating by acting directly on this or that brain area? And why not stimulate the brain to boost its performance? Expert Decryption. Lucien Fauvernier Our brain is a formidable command center with unrivaled capabilities in the field of living.