My sister and I do not have the same vision of our childhood .

My sister and I do not have the same vision of our childhood ... My older sister is 4 years older than me and we are angry because I find it unfair that she wants our father so much ... To hear, she has had a childhood of Cosette while me, I think we were pampered? Do you find normal such a difference of appreciation?

Forgive (or not) his parents

We often want them, but this criticism is it legitimate? If so, do we necessarily have to forgive them? And what benefits can we expect? The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Serge Hefez takes us behind the scenes of a family therapy that illuminates the way to go out of resentment. Granting clemency is usually done in six steps.

10 Received ideas on psychoanalysis

Treatment of shock for neurotics or gadget for wealthy narcissus ... On psychoanalysis, we hear everything and its opposite. An adjustment is necessary. Isabelle Taubes Today, psychoanalysis is everywhere: on television, on the radio, in the press ... Who can claim to have never heard of the Oedipus complex?

Endometriosis: the diagnosis that relieves

I was 12 years old, without feeling any pain. But it's at 20, I stopped the pill and my life rocked. Indeed, at each new cycle, I was bedridden by unbearable pain and large contractions. The more months went by, the more pain I had. When I went to the emergency room, I was always told the same thing: "It's normal to have pain during your period, you're a jerk, it's in your head".

To treat insomnia with CBT

One in five French people suffers from insomnia. While the use of sleeping pills remains the main resort for many insomniacs, behavioral and cognitive therapy is an unrecognized ally for restoring sleep. Explanations from Michel Billiard, neurologist and specialist in sleep disorders. Interview by Lucien Fauvernier How does behavioral and cognitive therapy treat insomnia?