Welcome to the world of twins

Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon are just born, they are already the most famous twins on the planet. As for their parents, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they are now at the head of a tribe of 6 children ... But is it so easy to welcome twins? How is their education specific? Fabrice Bak, psychologist specializing in twinning, enlightens us.

Learn life for our children

Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber While politicians and the media were excited about the veil debate, one could rest assured that the issues really important for the future of our children would stay latency. At the same time, Luc Ferry's "national debate on the future of the school" was launched, but the few parents and teachers who participated in it shuffled around.

Personal development by the household?

Lessiver, ironing, cleaning ..., a chore ? For some, it's a quasi-nirvana! Without being freaks of the scrub brush, they feel a real well-being by storing their interior. Brooms and other vacuum cleaners, new tools for personal development? Christilla Pellé-Douël A discussion about the household often begins with a complaint - "I hate it" - and almost always ends with a sociological statement about the absence of shared tasks at home.

Can we change the contents of his dreams?

Can we change the contents of his dreams? We sometimes have the same dream several times. Does this mean that we can manage them and choose them? - Psychologies. com answers Yes! Just before falling asleep, you can visualize a scene or reconstruct the scenario of an unpleasant dream. Example: One night you were confronted with a terrifying dragon.

Serge Hefez: "The use of the drug suits everybody"

Psychiatrist Serge Hefez Signed The Call of Doctors Against Antidepressant Abuse . He goes back to the reasons for this French exception. Interview by Laurence Folléa Psychologies: How can this overconsumption of psychotropic drugs be explained in France? Serge Hefez : There is a very strong psychotropic product culture here: we are also among the biggest consumers of alcohol and cannabis in Europe.