Juliette Binoche: the 7 keys of my serenity

Talk to the invisible

His bedside book is Dialogues with the Angel 1 , transcribed by Gitta Mallasz, and she is passionate about all spiritual traditions. She recently discovered physicist and biologist Philippe Bobola, who was giving a lecture on time.

"I had a natural relation to the invisible from childhood, sometimes I go away, no longer wanting this link, during adolescence, after an earthquake, in discouragements I happened to be very far away from this presence Being an actress means calling on someone other than oneself, in silence, because you can not do things alone, it's too much In these moments of loneliness, it is not the director who can help you, he is behind his combo, busy, so I talk to my angel: when I do not know how to act, I ask him to give me the courage to go, even awkwardly, angels are great helpers, it is up to everyone to find the words that resonate to create the call, to know how to let go to surpass oneself. undulatory, but it is up to us to make the link. "

The essential

" The angel is not another than himself, it is a "very" benevolent and q which places us in the face of realities and trials. You must never forget to thank your angel. "


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