Why is it forbidden by law to marry parents?

Why is it forbidden by law to marry parents?

Why is it forbidden by law to marry parents? Tom, 10 years

Claude Halmos



Because, precisely, they are ... his parents, Tom! I explain to you. Life, you know, is a bit like a long trip, which one would have to do on a train. For it to go well, you have to have a place to yourself. A definite place that no one has the right to take you. How can one have a place in life? Knowing clearly how one stands in relation to other people in one's family.

One is the son of his father and mother, the grandson of his grandparents, the brother of his brothers and sisters, and so on. And we can register all those invisible threads that connect people to each other on a large painting called a family tree. Everything is clear then. But on one condition. Provided everyone has a place and only one. But if a boy, for example, marries his mother, what happens? He remains his son (since he came out of his belly), but he also becomes her husband (two places!). And so, possibly, the father of new children who will be both his children and ... his half-brothers and sisters (two places!). Impossible to navigate!

In addition, additional problem: if a boy marries his mother, think! What does his father do? He sends it to the moon? He turns it into a crocodile? Convenient, no? And then, the last reason why the law forbids children to marry their parents (and vice versa) is that if they did, they would stay with them who are much older. They would never go anywhere else and the world would not move forward. In fact, a world where one could marry one's parents would be a world without outside and future. It would be a world not alive. So ... long live the law!


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