How to know if we really like it?

What are the signs of a real romantic relationship?

J. -D. Nasio

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst


The major theme that lives in a psychiatrist's office is love. Love, hate, emotional problems. How to know if you are really in love? That's a very good question! Because love is often confused with a sense of security. Feeling loved, protected, are two feelings always associated. However, there are relationships of true love, and there are relationships of love too, but of tender and protective love.

The difference lies in the place of sex in the relationship. If, in addition to loving, the partner provides sexual pleasure, it is true love. If, on the other hand, there is only love, even if it is the most tender and sweet, then it is not true love. It's a beautiful relationship, which probably, if it's between a man and a woman, will not last too long.

For a love to last, there must also be regular sexual activity and shared satisfaction.


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