The horse, doctor energetic

Our collaborator Isabelle Taubes, who is also a therapist, gives us her thoughts on the healing power of horses.

"Incredible, the real therapist here is the horse!" There is jealousy in this, I admit. Yet this is what I felt during my personal development training by the horse which, I hoped, would become a new tool in my therapeutic work. It was both confusing, vexing and magical: the patient-guinea pigs that helped me train seemed to be metamorphosed by the mere presence of the horse.

An effect that no shrink could get in a classic session. As soon as they saw a horse, especially touched him, they changed their faces, their bodies straightened up. Evidence of the efficacy of horse therapy accumulates: an anorexic girl regains a taste for life thanks to this animal, a woman after two sessions finds the courage to assume her desire for change and resigns from her work, another learns to accept oneself, ceases to be disgusting ...

And it is not only in the universe of personal development and therapy that the healing power of the horse is recognized. "You touch a horse and soon you're better, you find your strengths, it's well known: it's equi-energy, "explains Jean Pierre Tissandié, equestrian guide for several decades, who helps his daughter Heidi to manage the horse ride. La Fadaise, at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

And if this curious reflex that drives us to stroke the horses as soon as we see it had a specific therapeutic function: we rebooster energetically?


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