I stop stressing!

Saying stop to stress in 21 days is possible! This is the challenge that the psychologists Silvia André and Patrick Amar offer you. A three-week program with many exercises but also clear explanations to better understand this engine that sometimes gets in our way, whitens our nights, ruins our backs and transforms any effort into Himalayan ascent. Three weeks to get your breath back and a calmer pace of life, is not it worth it?

Laurence Ravier

Why this book?

Silvia André: Many of the patients we follow suffer from stress that they can not channel. And on our side, we did not find books to their adviser who can really help them. So we wrote it! And so it's a program that lasts 21 days, in which we mix theory and exercises to make it applicable to everyday life.

Patrick Amar: We observe that stress is an increasingly common pathology. And unfortunately, the meaning of the story goes to even more stress. However, there is little clarity around what stress really is. Because there is good and bad stress, chronic stress, acute stress ... Clarification was needed. Especially since the first step to get better is to understand what we are suffering from.

Why are we more stressed today than before?

Patrick Amar: The world has always been complicated. And today, it becomes complex in the sense that changes and upheavals can happen from all possible directions and at any time. This complexity is a stress factor because it requires an additional adaptation effort to an environment that we control less and less. The speed of the evolution of the world, the multiplication of requests, the overabundance of information ... all this risks creating more tensions, but the good news is that we have the resources to deal with them! Because a problem often generates its solutions, these are the solutions we wanted to share with our readers, especially since they are not very complicated to put in place!


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