I feel myself growing old ... and that's pretty good

We all want, despite the years, to keep a youthful face, body and spirit. Some do it better than others, and live their entrance into maturity with serenity and vitality. Like Pascale, Nathalie and Florence.

This is the time of the in-between. More quite young and not old yet. One day, well in his head and in his body; the next day, a little less in his head and especially much less in this body that begins to show signs of fatigue. The less firm skin, the more visible wrinkles, the less aerial gait ...

A statement in the form of revelation: my figure and my face are not eternal. Many resign themselves, others refuse the obvious, while some choose the acceptance: to age as well as possible. Of course, they are the ones we all want to look like. Neither withered nor "old youth", but radiant and tonic, assuming both time and inevitable blues blues that flow.

Exceeding its illusions

In I have a problem with my neck! (Plon), Nora Ephron, columnist and screenwriter American, sixties glamor, writes that she does not support books praising old age, especially when written by women. "But what do they think? "They do not have a neck?" For a long - and very funny - paragraph, the author describes the ravages of time on these few square centimeters of skin, forcing "mature" women to wear turtlenecks. What we must remember from this demonstration is that, before enjoying the serenity that age can bring, we must first agree to the right to cry about the changes it imposes. Nothing will be like before, the descent has begun ... It is this diffuse fear of our end felt in front of our reflection that we would have to welcome without looking away. To make the exercise easier, we should keep in mind that we often mourn the loss of illusions.

"We shed a tear by reminding ourselves of our 20-year-old figure and face," says Catherine Blanc, psychoanalysis and sex therapist, "but we easily forget that at this age we had problems - complex, material or emotional problems. - which prevented us from savoring the trio that today we regret: firmness, thinness, youth. "

According to the psychoanalyst Isabel Korolitski, the more we integrated that the life was fluctuating, understood our failures and appreciated our success, the better we can cope with the physical changes. "The radiation comes from a form of flexibility of being in the face of events. When we know that the sorrows pass, just like the good things, we accept better the wrinkle which is hollow or the size that falls apart."

Take care of yourself

" I just want to help you adapt to changes over time and reach old age with the least deficiency and possible harm, "writes Dr. Andrew Weil," the "American reference in integrative medicine, in Healthy aging (Presses du Châtelet) His advice: do not smoke, consume fatty acids, fruits and vegetables, walk forty-five minutes a day five days a week and to devote oneself to activities that bring pleasure and self-esteem.

To coexist as pleasantly as possible with one's body and face, to each one's tools, none of which is to be despised or sacralized. it involves changing the diet, wardrobe, hairdressing, or using massages, Botox or scalpel. " One can certainly please and please more with visible wrinkles but assumed that with a body and a face under permanent control, stresses Isabel Korolitski. However, surgery can also restore self-confidence, which will "contaminate" all areas of our lives. The more we feel in phase between who we are and what we seem, the more we live comfortably with ourselves and with others. "


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