How to seduce a co-worker?

With the pace of life at 100 per hour that we know for the most part, it is difficult to meet people. We spend more than a third of our day at work. As much to say that seduction at work is often successful! So you wonder how to seduce a co-worker? You want to know all the rules to follow, the ultimate tips to put it in your pocket and what to avoid? So read carefully next!

The company is one of the places for discussions and confidences. Everyone is aware of the gossip of others and it is not very difficult to know who is in a relationship and who is not.

To seduce a co-worker, there are still some rules to respect in order not to put his reputation in danger. I propose you to discover in this article the main ones on the behavior to adopt.

Act tactfully and take your time to seduce a co-worker

At first, for seduce a man at work, you must avoid being heavy and go for the single person. You just have to start the discussion by talking about everything and nothing. This will create a spirit of discussion and a beginning of a relationship of trust.

Do not do too much so you do not pass for the friend to whom we will entrust everything but to whom we will never propose more. For this purpose, it is necessary to alternate between the attentive gestures and a certain distance.

For that, do not systematically go to the person you are trying to seduce, it must be left to discuss with others coworkers. It is also important vis-à-vis other employees so as not to arouse suspicion. The more discreet you are, the better it will be because you will avoid the questions of the style "so it moves with Patrick?"

Methods to seduce a co-worker

The first step is to show interest in the passions of the person you like. For seduce a co-worker who loves car racing show you with some knowledge by doing some internet research with the coffee break. For seduce a colleague who appreciates figure skating tell him that you are in awe of the aestheticism of this sport. As time goes by, there will be common interests and from that moment it will be easier to find topics of conversation.

The second thing to do and keep in mind that you must be positive in all circumstances. Even if you have problems with your boss keep smiling and never talk about work for seduce a co-worker.

You must relax the atmosphere and make him forget that you are at work. Try to joke and show that you are a pleasant and interesting person with whom you want to share your free time.

Humor is important in terms of seduction, but be careful not to be seen as a service clown.
Once you and the person you covet are close enough, you need to take a critical step in considering a meeting away from the workplace.

We must find the right time to launch the invitation and especially the right place. Again do not rush and wait to know his tastes for please a woman. For seduce a co-worker you can be faster by offering something original.

Finally, for the fourth council, I invite you to avoid trying to seduce two people in the same place. Try your luck with one or another and then move on to the next.

To go further in your seduction, I suggest you to follow my audio training lasting 1h15 min with its PDF guide: How to attract and seduce a man.

However, keep in mind that charm a colleague is not easy because your reputation is at stake.

Your coach for seduce a co-worker
Alexandre CORMONT


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