The role of the Father

What makes man a father? What is the role of the father?

Man was created by God to be the father of his family. When God created the first human family, He started this family with a male. Then the woman and the children were pulled from this man. Moreover, the Bible says very clearly that: The man did not come from the woman but the woman came from the man. (1 Corinthians 11)

Every man or parent is not necessarily a father. What makes man a father?

The word Father, in English, originates from a Hebrew word, the word Abba, A.B.B.A. The word abba means SOURCE. It also means SUPPORT, SUPPORT, FOUNDATION.

So the man is not a father because he is a man. He is a father because of what he does. Contrary to what we often think, the man is not at the top of the family. The man is at the bottom of the family, he is the foundation of his family.

It is very important to understand that God created woman from the coast of man and because it comes from man, man has automatically become his source. The source word in Hebrew is the word Abba. The word Abba is what we translated by father. The word source also translates the foundation of something. So the man is the foundation of his wife. He is also the source of his wife. You must support everything that came out of you. It's a principle.

God is called: the Father of creation because all creation comes from God. But the Bible also says in Hebrew 1 that He created all things and that He supports all things with His powerful Word. So God does not just create things, He also supports them with His powerful Word. God is a Father because He produces things but also because He keeps them. Father is not the name of God. Father, it is the result of a function that God assures.

So being a father is not related to being a male. It's a question of position and rank. It's father concept is also related to what we do.

It is not just a question of giving one's seed to disappear then, leaving woman and children without resources, without support, without support!

According to the thought of God, man is called to become the father, the source, the foundation, the support, the progenitor, the protector, the defender of his family. He is the one who is considered the initiator, the creator, the founder of something, the one who is the origin, the one who transmits. Father is not just a title or a name. It's a position, a rank, a function.


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