The father of my children is irresponsible. What to do?

This Sunday, June 18 in most countries of the world, we celebrated Father's Day. In my church, a whole program has been prepared for fathers. It was wonderful. The father is a landmark and what a grace to have a father in his life!

But while I was participating in these celebrations, my heart was heavy, tight. I felt a deep pain, a deep indignation, a deep frustration inside me. It is the pain and frustration of all these women who are today "forced" to raise their children alone. The father gave the seed and left, mostly by egoism, irresponsibility ...

So many women today are not widowed, but suffer because of the irresponsibility of their husbands, the father of their children. So many children today are not orphans, but experience a lot of difficulties in life because of the irresponsibility of those who have fathered them and who do not take care of them! All these things do not leave the Lord indifferent.

Maybe you who read me, are these women who received yesterday a drawing, a card ... a wish for dad ... who is not there ... who simply deserted, in search of his personal pleasure, of fulfilling your personal ambitions ... Maybe yesterday you heard a question like this: "why daddy does not come?" "Why daddy is never here?" ...

Trust God

I would like to address you particularly today, telling you that God sees your suffering, your sighs, your pain, and your frustrations. He sees these things that no one can see and He is with you. Trust all things with Him and give the Lord the place of Husband and Father in your life and in your children's lives. Give Him the first place in your life and trust Him! It will not disappoint you! Amen?

Do not be afraid, because I am with you; Do not look anxiously, for I am your God; I strengthen you, I come to your help, I support you with my triumphant right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

Protect your heart

Do not let anger, resentment, bitterness gangrene your heart because of the attitude of the father of your children. Forgive him and release him from your heart. Amen? It is the path of a free life, of a fulfilled life. With or without this man who has abandoned you with children, God will lead you to the wonderful destiny He has planned for you and your children. Amen? Believe this and move freely in life, trusting Jesus!

Protect your children

I insist on this very important point: never criticize the father of your children. Avoid talking badly about him at all times and especially in front of your children. What you need to understand is that behind these bad choices that the father of your children has made, the enemy is at work. The enemy seeks to destroy it, and to destroy the children and all that they carry in them.

Make sure that these children keep a good image of their father despite everything, speak well of their father, honor their father despite everything (Ephesians 6: 2). Amen? By doing this, they will be protected from any form of curse or blockage in their lives. They will be preserved from rejection, anger, bitterness as much as things that are avenues through which the enemy passes to steal potential and destroy lives. (John 10: 10)

Protect your children, always honoring and speaking well with their father in front of them, whatever happens.


A lot of courage and abundant blessings to all!


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