How to become more than a friend and get in a relationship ?!

Do you feel like you NEVER meet good men and would you especially like to avoid assholes in Love? Your love life is a disaster and you reproduce the same mistakes all the time? How to distinguish between a sentimentally stable bad boy and the man who will never engage in a relationship? How can I make him understand that I want to make love to him?

Hello everyone, I am Alexandre CORMONT, Love Coach since 2007. My job is often smile and yet for 8 years I have accompanied thousands of people in their love life. The majority of women who have trusted me find Love in just 3 months but others use my services because they have trouble recovering from their last sentimental experiences.

And apparently they are not the only ones because following a recent survey conducted on the internet, 75% of women say that men are all assholes ... This is a strong term that I use today but it seems to me in accordance with your thoughts. For you, the term "asshole" qualifies men who make you fall in love by making long statements with the promises that come with but disappear overnight.

If you knew how many times I have heard such stories from the women I accompany ... Even if you imagine the number, you would still be surprised! I also remember the very first, it was Stephanie, 32-year-old dynamic sales executive who asked me why men are all the same. I understood where she was coming from ...

So in this article I will accompany you to avoid bad relationships, to detect the desire for commitment and stability in humans to know how to become more than a friend. You want to finish with the idiots who think only to go under the blanket? So read this article and feel free to make your comment!

Do you know the expression "We do not change a team that wins"?

It sums up alone the seduction of the male. The man thinks very often in a primary and pragmatic way. It therefore tends to reproduce what works without asking too many questions, including seduction!
In other words, you must understand that men tend to seduce the majority of women in the same way and the experience allows them to take control of the situation thanks to a good distribution and a desire to seduce you that you are going to enjoy. This takeover is further facilitated by the manners that confer the first approach in seduction to the man and that places you in a situation of waiting.

Unfortunately, it is from this moment that you lose all your chances! You will not be able to be happy in love if you do not act to take a minimum control of the situation otherwise you leave the control to some good men but also to all the manipulators ...

When a man makes sure of your feelings he tends to you take it for granted and its interest will immediately diminish. This is a typical reaction of what I could glimpse when I get a woman coaching and who lived what I call a "false sentimental departure"These relationships are extremely intense, that start quickly but stop suddenly because the man is no longer sure of his feelings and what he wants. Note that the opposite situation also exists.

You think it's a fear of commitment but very often the man is aware that you are "too acquired" or "too stuffy" or " too friendly "I know, it's completely nonsensical, but once he's put that in mind, it's hard to get that idea out of his mind.

Fortunately there is a cure for not falling on cons!

If you want to avoid suffering it is essential to change your habits and forget the stage of the life of a couple before having the guarantee that this man is emotionally stable and that you have done everything to seduce him! This is essential !

You will have to take the seduction in hand, define your own desires, never put a man on a pedestal And above all ... Before you want to engage in a more serious relationship, learn at least to know what is the favorite color of the man you like so much, what is his favorite dish, what are his dreams, his desires ...

If I ask you to be interested in him it's because 9 out of 10 women are unable to give me the answer to these questions even after several weeks of relationship. Before you commit yourself, you must take the time to be certain that this man is not just in love with the present moment but really with your personality and that you have shared enough strong moments to engage in a relationship.

So take the time today to define a set of trivial questions but that will help you know if you know enough your half and that you have not fallen in love only through what it brought you on the moment because that he can take it away quickly.

On the other hand, by creating a common vision of a fulfilling relationship, you will be able to make the transition between light relationship, seduction and commitment to a story.

How to become more than a friend: the 5 situations to avoid in Love!

I decided to list the 5 situations to avoid if you want to have a stable relationship. It is important not to fall into emotional dependence with a man who will not give you any attention and will not make any effort.

1 / Attention to men who have just divorced (or broken) : They tend to want to recover very quickly but will not bring you stability so you need because they are simply caught up in their past ...

2 / Men who want to get married or want to have a child from the first weeks : Have you been together for less than a month and you already hear words of Love? Flee even if it pleases you, know that it is simply not stable enough.

3 / Men who want to be in a relationship but ... not now If you meet a man who gives you the hope of being a couple in an ideal relationship someday, you will never have the opportunity to get more because he considers you as acquired.

4 / Men only available when they want ... : You must never start a relationship when you feel that a man is not totally involved because as you know, sooner or later you will be in excessive demand and you will cling to an impossible hope!

5 / The men who tell you to be faithful but who remain registered on the dating site : I accompany many women who make beautiful meetings but who see their man continuously registered on the internet and I always have the same advice: Flee quickly!

I know how difficult it is to know how to become more than a friend and give up a situation that gives you pleasure but it is for your future well-being and to avoid having the heart broken by an asshole. Otherwise you may contact me once it is too late and you are in emotional dependence. If you want avoid assholes in loveyou must be able to make the right choices.

I'm sorry if I break some of your love hopes, but I'd rather help you and avoid seeing you suffer than invite you into a relationship you never have blossomed!

I wish you the best ladies in your love life, and if you want to find great love, I invite you to download my guide "The Code of Love" to help you find the right one in less than three months.

Your love coach to know how to better understand men.


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