Get your ex back at Christmas: the ultimate gift!

We are a few days of Christmas and many testimonials are coming to me about how to behave during this time of the year with his ex. As families gather, have a good time, you are going through a painful time, which is particularly difficult to overcome during this time. You are far from the only person who knows or will know this feeling.

It is true that being single is not very pleasant because you would like to have someone by your side when you go to your family, you would like to receive the gift of a man or a woman who loves you, but this you do not count too much and finally the most beautiful present that you would like to obtain would be a second chance. More than celibacy is the break that plunges you into this state.

To go through a reconquest during the holidays is not as simple as it seems because your mind is turned not to the party but to this person who is dear to you. Yet you can turn this period into an asset to succeed in reviving the flame and moving forward. Want to get his ex back at christmas So, it may not be such a bad idea, but we still have to act. To know how to proceed, the following may be useful to you.

The holidays a hard time to spend when you're alone

Christmas has become much more than a religious event, all over the world, we are about to spend the evening with the family and to open the gifts on the evening of 24 or 25 at the feet of the tree. The kids are only talking about this day since Halloween and just turn on your TV to understand what this party symbolizes. Unfortunately, you, who are alone, would prefer not to discuss this subject. It is true that these images of happy people, couples who spend the Christmas Eve in full happiness stir a little more knife in the wound.

A separation is always a difficult event to accept and overcome but I tend to think that during this period, going through a love depression is perhaps worse. Of course, to Lose a Guy March or September hurts just as much, but I'm talking about the "post-rupture" situation, the morale, the way to rebuild.

We say that the year will end badly, that we will not be able to enjoy these moments, which must be wonderful, because the smile will not be at the rendezvous. Do not worry about having a low morale when you see that everyone is having a good time. While your mind remains focused on your ex and the means to recover it to put an end to this situation as quickly as possible, but your friends or family will find the words to bring you comfort. It is also the ideal moment because you will be in a different frame of your daily life and so you will be able to change the ideas more easily.

You can avoid questions!

The problem of wanting get his ex back at christmas is that morale is often at a low point at this time of the year, as I explained earlier. The cold, the bad weather, seeing the happiness on the faces of people around you ... That's why you have to redouble your efforts when you do not want to feel the lack during this period.

You should not think that if you do not dine with him / her, if you do not spend the end of the year together everything will be over. On the contrary, you can use this period to rekindle the feelings, I will come back to it a little further.

As in any reconquest, it is above all you that you must recover. Celibacy, loneliness, the announcement of separation has inevitably left traces even if you say the opposite and that under wish to remain strong in the eyes of those around you.

Nevertheless, it is important to accept the break-up and its consequences in order to move forward and no longer feel these problems.

There is a kind of pressure when you are single during the times when everyone joins their family. There may be discomfort with relatives who will inevitably ask questions about the reasons for the breakup. So the best is to make things clear at the beginning of the festivities.

Indeed, it is not uncommon for your parents or other relatives to tell you that it is time to find someone, your siblings who are parents to talk to you about it, why you are alone while a few months ago you were still with your ex and you still have not digested the decision made by your ex-half.

All these questions, all these reflections are not simple to hear. It is therefore important not to let yourself down especially as you can use Christmas or New Year's Day to get closer to your ex.

Get your ex back at Christmas: the perfect moment!

The parties can still be a way to get closer to his ex because you can restore communication without going for a man or a woman in demand. If you live under the same roof for example or if you have children, you will inevitably make an effort towards one another for their good and to relax the atmosphere, even if you do not spend the Eve together, nothing prevents you from enjoying the atmosphere of holidays, holidays to take stock and return subtly to him / her.

We often wonder if we have to offer a gift to his ex For Christmas, I'm one of those who think that covering your former / present-day partner for the sake of winning is not a good idea, but during this time you can make an exception. It is not a question of ruining oneself but offering chocolates for example will always be well seen. Of course everything will also depend on the reports that you have, if 3 days ago you had the tendency to / harass messages, avoid coming back like a flower!

If you are in radio silence during the holidays and you want to break the sr, this is the really perfect time to do it. You can send a text message for Christmas, call your ex for the new year. This period, which may be sad, is not totally so if you put in place the right actions. You can use it to your advantage to give a boost to your recovery before the end of the year.


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