4 tips to avoid the friendzone or get out!

Do you often hear these words spoken by a person you like "You are my best friend", "If we were not so close I could fall in love" or "What would I do without you are the best! " If so, it means no more and no less than you are in the friendzone. And when someone pleases us strongly it is obvious that we want to avoid this situation that can make us suffer because we want more than friendship and there is nothing worse than to love a person who appreciates us. Fortunately it is my role to make sure that it changes and that feelings of love are born gradually!

Indeed, if you fall in the friend zone a little too often it means that your seduction game is not the right one. So we will start all over again so that you can remove the various blockages that exist and thus seduce a friend. For that you will have to stop asking you how to know if I please him, you will have to tell you I will please him!

Every day, I help men but also women who do not know how to seduce when we fell in the friendzone, especially for fear of seeing this friendship break but also a lack of knowledge of the many techniques that exist to promote feelings to the detriment of friendship. In order to avoid being friendzoner and to be able to start a true love story with the person of your choice, I invite you to read attentively the continuation.

How does a friendzone definition?

To get out of the friendzone, we must first know the definition of this term came from across the Atlantic. Indeed, if this is not the first article you read on my site, you know that to solve a problem, it must first know well and define the outlines. We can not go head first to one seduction method which does not correspond to us.

The friend zone is a particularly frustrating situation of the love life. We have an attraction, sometimes even feelings for a person who does not feel the same thing at all. But this is not a rake that is taken because most people who wonder how to get out of the friendzone have never confessed their feelings.

Indeed, when we fall into this process we are often satisfied with keep our attraction in us, we do some thoughts on the tone of humor, we sometimes try to be touch but we do not try anything. This is precisely what explains the peculiarity of this situation.

We can tell everything to the man or woman who pleases us but can not open his heart. Besides, you'll see that it's not such a bad thing, simply because making a declaration of love is not a way to seduce.

But there is usually no attempt at seduction, we let time go by saying he sees me as a friend or she sees me as a friend. Not easy to live especially when our best friend in addition to us friendzoner (often without knowing it) tells us all his love affairs that we listen because we just want to leave nothing out.

We can perfectly be friend with someone the opposite is not the question but when you want more. Do not stay without doing anything. In many cases, if we fell in the friendzone, it is that we have missed a seductive or seductive side.

I reassure you, I will help you change all that to no longer have this frustration and fear of going to him or her and stopping to say "we prefer to stay friends" while your heart tells you opposite.

The gestures that make fall in the friend zone: To avoid absolutely!

As you may have noticed, there is a difference in the way couples or friends act, especially in terms of touch and body language. To avoid falling into or out of the friend zone, it is important to know how to be tactile with your target, especially if you fell in love with it.

In most of the situations I work on every day. I notice that at first appointment or during the first meeting there was no such reconciliation. Whether by fear, shyness or any other reasons. We kept our distance. So we sent a bad signal to the one we liked.

We must not minimize the importance of the look and tender gestures when flirting. The kino, which is the art of touch, can make all the difference and make you go from "it's just a friend" to "it's my half".

When we behave like a friend and not like someone who uses seduction, we automatically become friends and we lock ourselves in this famous friends zone which is catastrophic for seduction. a relationship so strong that one can approach all subjects, even the most intimate without any taboos.Very often, as I explained it we come to address other dating and to ask for advice to that friend that we would like to seduce or worse yet it is he or she who asks you your opinion.

What if someone who attracts you asks you for advice in love? If you do not want to fall in the friendzone it's very simple you make sure not to attract him to you and you answer his questions not totally useless answers "You will find love" or "You are someone 'one of good'.

If you do not want to make mistakes and just fall even more into this area do not talk to him about you. Do not tell him things like "I'm better", "I'll never go wrong". When you wonder how to seduce a friend or how to get out of the friend zone and please a girl or a guy? It is not necessary especially not being too direct, neither in your words nor in your body language.

Wanting to go out with a friend or friend is not going too fast. It is precisely by being too kind (thinking) that friendship helps the seduction that we will put in a situation that is not good and it will be difficult to leave later. I know that some people will have a hard time getting away but we can not continue to stay in the same pattern. We must not think of him / her first but our happiness.

I will take a simple example but it concerns thousands of you. I was able to accompany Laurence, who had come very close to a colleague and they both had a lot of knowledge in common. As outings, sms, evenings in groups, this complicity has quickly turned into attraction, at least for Laurence.

She said to me he sees me as a friend or more as a confidantehe is ambiguous with me but I do not really know what to do. "Hours on the phone each evening, all the lunch break for two, he told him precisely that he needed to talk to him but without going any further. friends what to do now? How to get out of the friendzone?

This is the question she asked me and my answer was simple but quite radical. Either you think about him or you think about yourself. It's very simple, if you continue to agree to be his friend, if you do not want to distance and his happiness comes before yours, you will never move forward.

You have to be ready to shake up this friendship to turn her into love and it is important not to be afraid to go away and come back in a way that sounds more seductive. For this, there are steps and therefore actions to put in place and others to avoid.

Steps to avoid falling into the friendzone

There are two main actions to avoid so as not to fall into the friendly zone and that I present to you here.

Do not do too well to stop the friendly zone!

Whoever you like will find you adorable and cute / cute? You may have shown him some signs that caused him to consider you this way because you had afraid of his reaction but instead of taking it for seduction, it is friendship that is born.

You always agree with him / her and you are probably too nice because you never dare to create tension or "take the lead". Your target feels good when you are there and you talk together but without going further.

For him / her you are not a person who is physically and emotionally attracted but who is just looking for a friend or a friend. To want to do too well, you got lost on the way and the man or woman who attracts you considers that you have a lack of self-esteem which causes him / her to put you in the friendzone .

In fact, the problem comes from you because you have not managed to be quite direct when you set up your seduction game!

To leave this area and be able to seduce your target, you must avoid matching the stereotypes that he or she wants as a friend and show that you can instead match the criteria of the partner he or she is looking for.

Avoid the friend zone by not being particularly desperate

You are probably not hopeless (e) nevertheless your words or gestures indicate the opposite! You must realize that the man or woman you want to seduce considers you as a friend and therefore does not know your real intentions, act desperately is not useful because he / she does not understand not your real feelings.

In addition, you can jeopardize any hope of a relationship by wanting get out of the friendzone too fast. Now that you are in this area you must be patient and act thoughtfully. I'm going to explain to you how to come off later in this article.

Allow time to do things, continue to be nice to him. Since you know each other well you have the opportunity to see you very often, you will have many opportunities to make a difference.
But do not forget to set up a seduction game as you go along. If your behavior changes too drastically you risk attracting his suspicions so go ahead gradually! But once fallen into the friendzone, we must act subtly to get out.

To leave the friend zone is possible! Here's the procedure to follow…

I know that many will read this article a little late because they are already in this famous zone. But we are going to set up 3 very effective tips for get out of the friendzone, and there is one essential thing to understand in this situation. You will have to transform yourself into femme fatale Or in ideal guy!

We must act step by step, we do not go from status of just friend to that of love of a life in one day. These tips allow you to leave this zone of friendship and then seduce. Seducing a friend can take time because he / she stays in a state of mind that is not necessarily yours.

How to seduce a friend by physical change?

Attention, I do not want you to think that you are not attractive because it is not the case. You just have to show physical change because you automatically become a new person. Take the example of Laurence who had very long hair when she met his man. After she cut them and made lighter colored locks and the look of her colleague changed.

Of course, you have to do it for yourself first and foremost, but know that this evolution often has positive consequences for our seduction. Men who change their clothing style, for example, who have confidence in themselves, will give a new image and a makeover can sometimes change everything.

The goal is not to become more beautiful or more beautiful but to create an electric shock at home so that his eyes change. For the moment we remain in a certain routine. Moreover if you feel more attractive (e) you will increase your personal value and it will necessarily benefit your seduction.

He or she wants us to be friends: have a project to surprise him / her!

There is one element that also changes the vision that a man or a woman can have of us. Our ambition. What you want to do with your life. Whether it's going abroad for a few months, starting a business, making a childhood dream come true, or anything else that will showcase you.

If the person we want to seduce, in this case our friend envies us, admire what we do, our success, our happiness, then we score points. For now, we are considered as someone who misses this little thing and more. It's up to you to show him that he / she is wrong. For no longer be in the friendzone you have to build a life that attracts and changes daily life (as far as possible!).

Make new encounters to no longer be in the friend zone

Yes, to no longer be whoever is friendzoner we must accept the idea of ​​making new encounters in order to get away from our main target. It does not mean to sleep to the left and force yourself to forget it. Simply, it is necessary to tell him that we do not run after him, that we can also to seduce a man or a woman.

It is not good to just be the person who helps to flirt but who never has someone, who has no success with others. Being less acquainted, focusing on other people, having appointments is an excellent thing, contrary to what one might think. I do not necessarily speak of jealousy but more than one charisma that will be created little by little.

If you have any tips for not falling into the friend zone or have any questions, feel free to share them in the comments below to share your experiences.

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