My half no longer wears his wedding ring, what does it mean ?!

At the time you read these lines or rather at the time of writing this article, a marriage will end badly. It is clear that in recent decades the number of divorce is growing steadily. I do not need to look at the statistics given on television or by INSEE to know it, I just have to read your comments or your stories to see that more and more unions are breaking, including after only a few months. Not long ago, I even received a rather edifying message because the marriage lasted only 3 months. But as you know, I am not pessimistic by nature and on the contrary, I hope deep down that the situation is arranged for each of my readers. That's why I fight everyday and accompany you to provide solutions to the sentimental issues you encounter.

Ladies, today I am speaking directly to you through this article. For several months or even years for some, passion has given way to habits and little by little you and your man are a little lost. You no longer live the perfect love with your spouse and it is sometimes even the monotony that prevails. Worse, the breakup is getting closer and closer. However, you keep affection for him, and secretly you hope things will work out. Nevertheless, there is a change which concerns you lately, a strong and most disturbing sign: he no longer wears his wedding band!

It is indeed a signal sent and such a change can be quite upsetting especially when our half did not take care to warn us and that we perceive by chance. So there are many questions that haunt your mind and you want answers. Unfortunately he remains silent like a grave and he does not want to tell you anything about his intentions. So what does this gesture really mean? Does that mean that your couple is totally broken? I bring you some answers throughout this article.

The alliance THE symbol of the couple

Before writing this article I should have done a survey asking you what represents the most a marriage. You can of course answer me in the comment section right now but without having an answer I think, and many of you will share my opinion, that the alliance is one of the main symbols of the union of two people . At first glance you can immediately see that you are married, and that you already share a person's life.

It's crazy to know that such a small object can say as much about an individual and have this symbolism as powerful. It is therefore normal that you are quite disturbed by the fact that your husband no longer wears his wedding ring. It's a lack. Physically nothing changes, it's always the same but you got used to it little jewelry reminiscent of your love on his finger, not anymore.

It's not so much the fact that he no longer wears his ring which is disturbing, although at first, you think so. But, it is especially the symbolic side of this gesture which preoccupies you. Indeed, it is not a jewel that annoys you but your marriage. If your spouse loses his alliance he replaces it and that does not mean that your relationship ends, but when he decides to remove it is a deliberate choice which reveals that your love story is no longer as serene as it was or as you thought.

Why does she / he no longer wear his wedding ring?

The first idea that comes to women's minds when they see their man without his wedding ring around his finger is that he has found someone or at least he is looking to meet again. It is true, and I must be honest, that if you know marital problems for several months, your man could have had enough and decided to find love elsewhere. Difficult to do when you have a ring symbolizing your attachment to another woman. Yet when we ask ourselves " why he no longer wears his wedding ring "Do not panic, because if you do it right, he'll put it back on his finger very quickly!

Therefore do not think that your man runs behind everything that moves to explain his gesture. It may have decided to draw a line on your story and for that, as I've been saying since the beginning of this article, he wants to forget the symbols of the past, starting with his alliance. He is therefore in a psychological phase of refusal of your relationship but he has not yet been to the end. So there is still time to catch up.

It is not necessary think he does not love you anymore. You have married, you have a past in common, you may have had time to have children, you live under the same roof, it can not turn the page overnight.Nevertheless, recent events that have prevented him from flourishing push him to make radical decisions, perhaps to make you react. Do not think it's a pleasure for him to do that because no one goes to the town hall to finish at the judge's house and fight for the custody of the children.

You have every right to blame him, but you also have to understand him and accept the fact that he does not could not pretend, pretend everything was going well and your wedding was a fairy tale.

How to save my marriage?

He no longer wears his wedding ring, of course, but it is not the most important, far from it! I know, you have a hard time accepting it for now, but that's not what you need to worry about the most. It is above all a problem of couple that you meet. It is not about alliance you must see the problem in a more global way, so do not stop at this situation.

Your goal is not that he surrender his ring but that you are happy to two! You must not stop your marriage simply to your two rings, but to your happiness. That is why, you must put a plan of action so that its feelings are reborn and especially allow you to advance again to two.

I advise you to read my book to know and master all the rules to save his couple, to give a second chance to your love. Especially keep in mind that you should not be in the conflict and blame him for doing this because he has his reasons, but rather to show you understanding and try to elucidate the real problems. For this you can try to communicate with him, because it is one of the ways that you can bring him back to you. If the dialogue is impossible then a coaching to preserve his couple proves indispensable.

Coach when my husband is no longer wearing his wedding ring


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