An exercise to succeed in your radio silence!

If you've read my special issue on the art of radio silence (SR), you're probably wondering what's the secret to being able to stop communicating with your ex. As I realize that it is difficult to get started, I wanted to give you really useful help.In this video of my program on the SR, I invite you to discover absolutely free exercise to succeed his radio silence that I perform during my coachings and that I explain even more in detail in my book "70 tips pro to recover his ex ". This is the exercise of the three sheets!

Why is this exercise to succeed in its radio silence so powerful?

The exercise of the 3 sheets must imperatively be put in place during your SR because it is necessary to ignore what you feel after having heard words of your ex. Indeed, these words can be hard, which will hurt you or your ex may have soft words that will make you optimistic.

For succeed his radio silence thanks to the exercise of the 3 leaves, you must be totally neutral in your behavior in order to be as objective as possible. This exercise is really powerful because it will allow you to understand your ex, to be able to put yourself in his place and know what is going on in his head.

Anticipation is one of the qualities required for reconquest. Moreover it is often on the details that everything is played and when one prepares his actions in the good way it is often which prevents us from cracking during the radio silence.

Why must we anticipate to succeed in its radio silence and its reconquest?

You must be one step ahead of your ex for a simple and good reason. By anticipating his actions you will be able to meet his needs without putting too much in demand. And for that, it is obligatory perform an exercise to succeed in your radio silence because it's the base!

I guess you've already been surprised to know what your ex wanted without even he or she needed to talk, so you can fully understand the expectations of your former partner even if you no longer have contact for a few days. It is for this reason that the exercise of the 3 sheets is essential to succeed its radio silence and its reconquest.

I tell you very quickly for another video on the SR.


Your Coach to succeed in his radio silence
Alexandre CORMONT


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