Nurture the feelings in the couple, the 3 key steps!

I know that the divorce figures are alarming and that in your environment you know couples who are on the verge of separation. It's never easy to make the right choice and have a stable life for two. However, if you make the right decisions now, you can more easily get the couple in which you can flourish, that is to say the one you've always dreamed of, or almost.

In this article, I am going to give you the keys to manage the small crises of the daily life in the couple, while being connected (e) to your values. The goal is to take back your love life without having to ask you how to make love to improve things. It is by acting correctly that you will be able to control your relationship again and determine your sentimental future.

All couples go through crises and have to question themselves at one time or another and if you read these lines it is likely that it is your turn now. The main question that I find in almost 7 out of 10 people that I am advised is "How to maintain love in his relationship?". I invite you to become aware of the needs of the person who shares your life and the need to respond as soon as possible to revive your story as soon as possible. Do not waste a moment, act now to be filled again in love.

How to see the positive in his relationship!

The first element that I wish to share with you is the dramatization of the situation. If you cross turbulence in the relationship, immediately start by telling yourself that all couples are experiencing problems identical to yours. Perfect couples without quarrels do not exist, except in movies or series. The reason is simple, the couple is an addition of 2 people who have differences for many reasons that I will come back to later in this article ... Although there are similarities, you are not necessarily in a relationship with your clone !

This is the reason why it is essential to understand why couples have negative phases at times. By taking the decision to live with your partner, you have decided to no longer be the sole master of your life but instead you have made the choice to share your daily life. However, living with two people including someone you have chosen but who does not necessarily share all your values ​​or your operation is complex for several reasons.

The first (and the main) is the education or childhood you had. In other words, you have things in common, but it is obvious that your reflexes, your opinions, your values ​​are not absolutely identical. You will have to learn how to cope with the habits, the principles, the customs or the moods of your partner.

If I have to take an example to illustrate my remarks, I will speak of a relatively sensitive subject: religion. If you have not been educated in the same religious context you will inevitably know divergences of opinion. With the growth of mixed couples, this aspect is becoming increasingly important. Without exaggerating, not a day goes by without anyone contacting me about it. These differences are visible in all important decisions and even more so when it comes to educating children. But also in the management of the finances, in the way of communicating (by the words or the acts), for the choice of the place of the holidays, etc.

For relativize these differences that exist and maintain love in the couple, I invite you to observe the complementarity of a relationship and the well-being that sharing can bring. Learn to dramatize the crises that exist in your home by focusing on what you remove positive. The first exercise that I wish to convey to you to become aware of the Love that exists between your partner and yourself is to remind you of the positive points or the magical moments that you spent together even if you note them for you in memory.

It is unfortunately easier for a human being to fix the negative than the positive, but this analysis should allow you to better answer the famous question " Why it's the man or the woman of my life"and how are you going to be able to preserve love in the long run by answering his expectations too.

A love coach to maintain feelings

To help people who contact me it is important for me to analyze each story in detail. My experience allows me to easily put myself in the place of the person I accompany but also at the same time to feel all the emotions of his / her partner. This is important for a coach because it is the only way to provide really useful and relevant advice and that's what sets me apart from others who are not for the most part "love field coaches"Just to make videos or articles on a subject without really mastering it is laughable and it is of course not my way of proceeding.All that I evoke I have already lived in coaching and I have therefore put in place specific actions to overcome the various problems of the love life so as to to perpetuate feelings in couples that I help to move forward.

This powerful analysis allows me to identify areas for improvement and to put in place a precise plan of action. All couples need to do this deep analysis to continue. To achieve a fulfilling relationship, it is necessary to have a clear vision of one's own expectations as well as those of one's partner, and to invest in the life of two to achieve them. I advise you to go through a private session to talk to me in detail about your emotional troubles.

If you act like the majority of couples, you will end up with a daily that will not look like you and in which you will not be fulfilled! Needless to say, in this situation you will not feel well and that will be visible.

I do not know at what critical stage you are in your relationship, but you will have to act to have no regrets. To maintain love in your relationship, there is nothing more important than focusing on these two essential elements: the projects that you want to put in place with him / her and the way of to know happiness in love everyday.

Your task is therefore to highlight the actions we will determine during coaching or when you think about the couple and the moments that you really want to live and schedule them as soon as possible with your partner. That way you can do better maintain feelings, crack your spouse again and get the life of a couple you dream of.

The coach to maintain love day after day


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