The process of restoring your wedding begins with you!

I am passionate about sharing a inspiring story to exhort you to the process of restoring marriage. God still restores marriages in difficulties today. But this restoration is not an event, it is a PROCESS, starting with YOU! God is not only interested in bringing your spouse back home. God wants to transform all your life! Click below to listen to the video of the week.

And here is the verse I want to share with all those who expect the Lord for the restoration of their marriage:

This is what the Lord Jehovah says: The day when I will cleanse you from all your sins, I will repopulate your cities and rebuild what is in ruins. Instead of offering the image of desolation to all passers-by, the devastated land will be cultivated again. And it will be said, "See, this once-devastated country has become like a Garden of Eden, and the ruined and ruined cities, which were nothing more than ruins, are now restored and repopulated." Then the nations that have subsisted around you will recognize that I, the Lord, have rebuilt what was broken down and replanted that which was devastated. I, the Lord, have promised and I will fulfill it. (Ezekiel 36: 33-36)

God restores marriages in difficulties!

I pray that this resource will do you good in the name of Jesus!


PS:If you are not yet enrolled in the fasting and prayer program continued with all the people who are in the breach for their marriage and that this program interests you, thank you to click on this link and complete a short form to let me know. You will then receive instructions for the program.


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