How to reduce your anxiety? 11 tracks to use right now!

How to reduce your anxiety? 11 tracks to use right now!

Anxiety affects everyone.

Have you ever experienced one of these scenarios:

  • Your heart that starts beating very fast?
  • Your feet shaking?
  • Your body that starts to sweat everywhere?
  • Your hands becoming moist?
  • Your mouth becoming dry?
  • Your brain that starts to imagine the worst possible scenarios?

And especially,you can not get over it in the face of a certain situation?

I have good and bad news for you.

We start with the good?

You are not alone in experiencing these symptoms when you face a difficult situation.

In fact, we are a lot like you.

The bad ?

You are anxious. Maybe a lot too anxious.

I am wrong ?

I did not doubt for a moment.

Ah, anxiety. A very big word.

It has happened to everyone to be anxious about a certain situation. Me first. It made me sick.

By the way, do you know the difference between stress and anxiety?

Haha you doubt, right?

I confused the two for a very long time, then I learned that it was two different things.

Come on, I'll explain everything.

Stress and anxiety, a difference?

The stress, unlike anxiety is a totally normal phenomenon. It is an answer that is made by your body.

More specifically, this is what happens in our body and mind when we are subjected to what are called stressors that is to say elements of our environment that imposes this famous stress. These include: work pressure, loss of a loved one, conflict, a weird noise that occurs while you sleep, etc.

As for anxietyyou create it yourself. Anxiety is your tendency to amplify situations in a negative way, that is to say that you will create yourself or imagine negative things that do not exist or that are minor. By doing this, you provoke or increase your stress.

As Christophe André says, you are only stressed if your symptoms of physical or psychic tension disappear away from worries (in the evening, on weekends, on vacation) and you are anxious if these symptoms persist even away from the problems (you think again afterwards, you anticipate).

You can of course manage your stress and anxiety by quickly mitigating the negative consequences.

Are you better able to differentiate between stress and anxiety?

Anxiety is becoming a way of life

If I tell you that anxiety is becoming a way of life for some, would you believe me?

Not sure. But why then?

We have been taught to live in a society that imposes a certain amount of stress without necessarily being aware of it. One is formatted little by little to be more and more stressed.

It is enough to see the increase in burn-outs, the increase in the consumption of junk food and the increase in consultations with specialists. We can also observe the emergence of yoga and meditation, which are becoming more and more important in our daily life.

Look. The mental state of the population is no longer what it was before. Morosity, anxiety, stress and sadness.

Life is not rosy and it's quite normal at times to question yourself or worry about various things that happen or will happen in your life, but these worries do not have to above in your life.

Some are going be anxious about a specific situation like a job interview, a visit to the dentist, an oral presentation to an audience or a gallant date for the first time.

Subsequently, this state of anxiety can increase or decrease depending on how the event happened. Your stress is always a hit!

For example, if your job interview goes wrong, the dentist hurts you terribly, your bad date went wrong, when you're dealing with the same thing in the future, you're still going worry and worry.

Do not worry.

Over time, I learned to manage my stress and anxiety. I am much more serene and calm on a daily basis.

"Cool your life Lirone, but we do not care if you're calmer. We want tips! "

Yes I know. I have written this article;).

I would like to share with you 11 tracks to help you reduce your anxiety (Without you stuffing drugs, I swear!), which helped me a lot.

Over time, when you see things differently, when you see things from a more positive perspective, you will see that anxiety will only occupy a tiny part of your life.

1. Breath first

Whenever I tell someone that they are breathing badly and that they have to learn to breathe in the right way, that is, to breathe deeply, they do not take me seriously.

"Haha you laugh Lirone, I breathe every day, it never calmed me."

A good breath will soothe the majority of your tensions.

Breath is one of key elements of life ! No breathing, no life, it's as simple as that.

If I put it in first position, it's not for nothing.

Controlled breathing is a deep breathing that you do with your belly like when you were a baby.

Besides, it was the only time in your life where you were breathing in the right way. Just look at the bellies of infants when they breathe. Then look at the belly. Do you see the difference ?

Well, how to start breathing better?

Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, start breathing deeply.

Inhale the air through your nose, block, then exhale the air through your mouth.

Put your hands on your belly. It must inflate and deflate. If your chest swells, it's not good.

Then, for a minute, focus only on the air that comes in and out of your body.

You can help by visualizing this air that comes in and out. You can feel the temperature difference as well.


One you inhale. Two you exhale. And so on.

This will soothe your mind and your body. You will be able to focus your attention on the present moment instead of thinking about disaster scenarios that will probably never happen.

2. Enjoy the present moment

In the point above, I spoke of present moment, this moment when you focus only on what is happening now.

Anxiety is very often a fear of something that will happen in the future.

Therefore, one way to reduce and avoid anxiety is to not think about the future, and to stay as much as possible in the present moment, something we tend to forget nowadays.


The majority of your thoughts are directed to the past or the future.

I am wrong ?

But it's not your fault again. With the pace that society imposes on us, we really forget the meaning of what we live in the present moment.

In this case, how to do it?

The meditation is a great way. I have written a complete guide on this subject.

Meditation is above all based on breathing and breathing is a great way to return to the present moment.

Another tip is to take 1-2 minutes to focus your mind on what's going on around you. Look at your surroundings, watch what's happening more precisely, take the time to listen to the various noises around you, watch the trees move with the wind, feel your clothes on your skin, feel the sun on your skin .

Simply enjoy the things you do not do on a daily basis and you must have forgotten!


I like to walk in nature when I feel a little anxious. I feel much better and more in harmony with myself.

Try !

Nothing beats a quiet stroll.

3. Sport to evacuate the negative

Sport is now part of my habits. 10 minutes every morning 6d / 7.

In addition to maintaining your physique, sport is a excellent remedy against the negative.

When I'm anxious, after playing sports, I feel so liberated. I feel stronger mentally and physically.

It is clear that sport brings many benefits in life. Well-being, improved sleep, better immune system, less stress, less anxiety, less risk of depression, better physical condition, etc.

After a session of sports, the body releases hormones (endorphins and dopamine) that allow your body to relax. You will feel a sensation of total fulfillment.

You do not have to do a marathon, no!

10-15 minutes can be largely sufficient.

Some will prefer running, some bodybuilding or cycling. Find the exercise that's right for you and do it!

You'll see profits that this will bring you to term.

4. Focus on something else

When you are anxious, you start losing control of what is really happening in reality.

Not true ?

It's stupid, but I have something for you.

A good way to reduce anxiety and focus on something other than this situation that you both fear.

"Wow, madness, your Lirone technique!"

If it's so stupid and so simple, why do not you do it then?

Uh ...


So focus on something else for a little while. This thing has to recharge you in positive energy.

You can watch episodes of a series, watch fun videos on YouTube, listen to music, dance, read, call your best friend, and more.

Ideas are not lacking.

You've understood that, you can do anything as long as it does not affect the situation that worries you.

The whole thing is to occupy your mind with something else for a little while.

It's your breath of fresh air.

You will see that you will feel much better and you will recover. You will then be more inclined to overcome your anxiety.

5. The sun

Northerners, I'm sorry.

(Do not tap me on the fingers!).

The sun is known for its benefits (in proper dose of course) against anxiety and stress.

When you are not feeling well, put yourself in the sun and savor the present time. Feel the sun's rays kicking your skin. Feel your energy and well-being back up.

It's not for nothing that we say that the sun is good for morale !

It is very nice and you will feel much better after.

Ah for those who have no sun (I think of you), you can still eat chocolate;).

And no kidding, chocolate is also good for stress.

6. You have already experienced situations of this kind

When you are anxious, remember one thing: you have already experienced such a situation in the past.

Touch yourself, look at yourself.

"Yes, very good, and then?"

Well look, you're still here! It's not wonderful? You are alive!

Without a laugh, when you're anxious, it's very easy to to lose hope in yourself and in your abilities.

So close your eyes, focus on the breath, calm down. Then, take a trip to the past and see how you managed to overcome such situations.

For example, suppose you missed your job interview. In your head, it's panic. You start to think that everything is wrong, that you are bad, that these interviews give you stress, etc.

Your vision becomes limited. You have the impression that you have missed everything and that you will miss further interviews.

Still, look, I'm sure you've already done interviews before.

Do not make a situation, a generality.

As I am nice, I also explain two powerful exercises to let go!

Doing that will give you back trust in you and you will be more inclined to overcome this step again.

7. Accept your feelings

At times, you feel anxious and you do not really know why. This happens often.

This may be a bit more difficult to overcome.

One solution that works quite well in such situations is:

When you feel negative, accept this feeling. Do not try to repress it and get rid of it as quickly as possible with a snap of your fingers.

Do not try to fight against how you feel.

Many people have taken this habit. This has the consequence of somehow repress in you this negative feeling. You may feel good (for a while), surely, but this feeling will remain rooted in you.

He will not hesitate to come back to the surface one day or the other.

Instead, just let go of this negativity and try to observe this feeling in your mind and in your body without judging.

With kindness.

If you let this feeling go quietly, if you take the time to observe it for a few minutes, you will see that you will feel immersed in a new sensation.

At first, it will probably seem uncomfortable and intense. It is normal, but after a few minutes this feeling loses power, weakens and tends to disappear.

8. Question your anxiety

This point is simple, formidable, but yet little used.

Look in the past and ask yourself this question:

On all the situations in which you have been anxious in the past and in which you exaggerated, how many really went on as you had imagined?

Not a lot, is it?

Ask yourself this question instead of worrying about a situation that will probably never happen.

9. Sleep

Lack of sleep is the best friend of anxiety. A restful sleep promotes inner calm.

I see it for myself.

When I'm tired, I'm more prone to anxiety and feel like it's war in my head.

Go to rest, take a nap, have a good night's sleep and you will see that after this you will feel much better!

We are underestimating sleep more and more and I have the feeling that people are entering a competition that will have the least sleep.

Yet, it has been shown several times in scientific studies that lack of sleep drastically affects your well-being.

10. Tomorrow is a new day

Yes, tomorrow is a new day. New start.

This little reminder helps me when my day has not been very good.

Tomorrow I could take another step. So maybe I have more opportunities, maybe I'll have a bit more luck, and so on.

Your difficult period is only temporary ! Do not try to prolong this moment for nothing.

11. you create your reality

It may be one of the most difficult concepts to incorporate, but once you understand it, you will see your life in a new way.

I will write an article on it to explain this concept in more detail.

In the meantime, be aware that the perception of life that you have daily is partly due to Your spirit. When you were born, you had no fear, you had no reason to worry, because you had no past experience that caused you these feelings.

You have grown, your environment has changed, you have changed. You have had experiences that your brain will be able to rely on.

Instead of seeing you as someone sorely lacking in trust, do you see yourself as someone confident and charismatic!

Instead of seeing you as an anxious and stressed person, do you see yourself as someone calm and calm?

The more you create strong mental images of the "future you", the more you will be imbued with this state.

This will be your new course of action on which your brain will lean instead of the self-deprecating image you have of yourself.

I know it's not easy not to be anxious overnight, but with time and perseverance, I assure you it's possible.

If I did it, you can do it too.

I believe in the potential for change of the human being.

I'm not asking you to apply the 11 tracks, but choose one or two. Start. Action is the watchword! I prefer you to apply a method than to not apply anything at all.

Even if your action is minimal, the more it will be realized in time and the more the impact will be powerful. This is called the cumulative effect.

Come on, I'm counting on you!

It's your turn !

Lirone, old anxious


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