Choose your husband: Give your treasure to a man who is trustworthy!

I am shocked by what I often read on social networks. Too many women are naïve and self-indulgent, trusting and giving themselves intimately to a man who has nothing to do with them. After, the whole ends with regrets, a broken heart, emotional wounds; and sometimes more important consequences: a child they will have to raise alone, financial and social difficulties, an STD, etc.

Other women, committed themselves too quickly to marriage, gave their hearts, and entrusted the responsibility of their life to a man, but without ever having experienced it, to make sure that he was worthy of it. Today ... only suffering!

Beware of giving dogs what is sacred, and do not throw your pearls in front of pigs, lest they trample on your pearls and the dogs turn against you to tear you apart. (Matthew 7: 6, SEM)

For many of us women, opening ourselves intimately to a man is giving him what is most precious. It's giving him everything. And what pains after, when we realize that we trusted the wrong person!

A tip to a younger sister

I address this advice to a young sister today: society trivializes intimate relationships outside of marriage. But we Christians know that God wants us to keep ourselves in sexual purity. And it's for our good! My sister, all men who say "I love you" and call you 10 times a day do not necessarily have true love and are not all qualified to taste what you have most precious. Reserve your treasure to the one who, beyond the "I love you", will "pay the price" and will be firmly committed to you. You will avoid unnecessary suffering!

Remember this. Often, young women use sex to get love, but men use love to get sex. So it's only because he calls you 10 times a day, offers you gifts, often tells you "I love you" that he loves you sincerely and that he is qualified to appropriate this that you have more precious.

Keep what you have most valuable for the man who will appreciate the value, and who will have paid the price (by marrying you). Keep yourself pure for those who know how to value what you are.

Counseling a woman preparing to choose her spouse

And to a woman who is preparing to choose her spouse, I would like to say: do not choose a man simply in relation to his outward appearance or his ability to give you chills or shake your heart. The man you choose will be your leader, the head of the family, who will be responsible for giving direction to your life and the lives of your children. His decisions and life choices will influence you greatly!

So before you give so much responsibility to a man, before you give him that leadership, and that level of authority in your life, test him and see if he's trustworthy. Watch him to know if he is responsible, if he is already trustworthy today with the little that is entrusted to him.

My sister, your heart and your life are precious. Give them to someone who will appreciate their value and take care of them responsibly.




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