How to forget a man: 3 steps and 1 great tip

It is not easy not to think about a man that we loved or still love today. Making this decision to turn the page permanently is a sign of courage and you make a strong choice that demonstrates your desire to move forward. I therefore want to accompany you in this process and to help you so that you respect this choice you made. Indeed, when one wonders how to forget a man, it is generally not really known how to act, what methods to put in place and how to behave to stay the course that we set. The worst thing would be to wait for time simply to go by without really acting because its image will stay in your head. You could then be overwhelmed by emotions and try to contact him again. It is to avoid falling into this trap that I guide you through this article focused on both the understanding but also on the steps to forget a man that we love in a definitive way.

To forget a man, one must not stay without doing anything. Physical inactivity but also psychological is your worst enemy and it is therefore important to put certain methods in place, to respect specific rules because in this context we need to determine a really effective action plan to achieve not to suffer from the break. The reconstruction phase will therefore be essential and nothing will have to be neglected at this time.

3 tips on how to forget a man

1 / To stop thinking about a man, you have to rebuild yourself
2 / It is important to separate from memories when we want to turn the page on the relationship
3 / Discover the unpublished tip that I give you on my site and that will surprise you

Wanting to move on and no longer have the face of this man who obsesses us may seem radical but it is sometimes the only solution to regain some serenity and feel better in his skin. You are now launched and it is therefore from now on that we must decide to act, so at the end of your reading I count on you to act. If you are still unsure or wondering how to start and how to behave to zap (because the beginning is always the most delicate period), my training how to rebuild after a sentimental failure is here to guide you, find this complete program here.

Why do you want to forget a man you still love?

It is certain that when one asks oneself how to forget a manwe do not do it cheerfully, especially if we still love her ex, that we feel attachment or that we always have feelings about it. But when there is no respondent on his side because he ignores or uses you by contacting you only when he needs you (to satisfy his desires or for other reasons) then he you have to take things hard. Indeed, the more you will respond present in these moments the more it will benefit and the more you will suffer.

Sometimes the solution to be favored is therefore radical and we must therefore decide to get away from this man. It is for this reason that when we find ourselves in such a situation, we often need to regain confidence because we must not give up when we decide to forget a man. Otherwise, going back can be extremely painful.

So in order to achieve this, we must constantly remember why we want to get out of it, especially if the man in question has behaved indecently or even behaved like a narcissistic pervert. While this can hurt us and lead us to rethink the past, it is necessary to act in this way, that is, to be radical, because it is also a stepping stone to moving forward. .

If you're wondering why you have to forget a man sometimes, there are four key reasons that should lead you on the right track.

Forgetting a guy to rebuild his side

Forgetting a man does not mean being nasty for free and breaking all contact just for pleasure. It is Above all, a need, a necessity, which comes into play especially when we consider that we can no longer be happy, that we have the impression of being in a unilateral love or that we say to ourselves that he has hurt us and so we seek to move on without him.

Therefore, even though it is a difficult and painful phase, the process of reflection and acceptance is essential. Following such amorous disillusionit is necessary to rebuild little by little. And if one day you doubt you must remember that you make this decision because your mind needs it.

It is not always easy to get better immediately after experiencing a painful separation, so there is necessarily a transition phase and to manage it as best as possible it is sometimes better to cut the bridges. To seek to forget it costs that it is the solution to take back his life in hand. It is for this reason that the technique of radio silence is used as much after a separation. To learn more about this tool that can be used both in reconquest and / or personal reconstruction I suggest you read this special issue on the SR or follow this radio silence training which details all the steps from A to Z

Forgetting a man because he has turned the page!

Some men put a lot of distance and rebuild their lives immediately after a separation, especially if they find another woman behind (or even during your story).

As I realize that there is nothing more painful than Feel rejected by someone you lovewe must take the necessary measures. I accompany regularly in personalized coaching session of women who even years after a break, can not help but think about this man who shared their life and made them vibrate. They are always focused on him, on what he represented and tend to idealize it we can always be focused on this person who made us vibrate. But on his side there is nothing and he will never come back. In this context, the only solution is to work together to reduce pain and focus on oneself.

It is important to try to forget it for draw a line on him and on this situation and not be constantly in the past. In other words, you must be like him and not let him be the only one to feel better and to find happiness because you too deserve to smile!

Forget it because we were not really happy

When one wonders how to forget a man, it is also because one tends to idealize the past relationship.

Indeed, even if happiness was not necessarily at the rendezvous with time and lack of perspective, you only see the good sides of your story. All the negatives are put aside and you can even come to tell you that the tensions or difficulties in your story came from you.

In reality it is the affective dependance who will come back! The goal in this context is therefore to return to a form of objectivity. You have to pull yourself together and have a neutral look at what you are going through. Whether on the positive aspects because there must have been, as on the negative aspects. It is also to have this outside look that the help of a coach is beneficial. From the moment you realize that finally you were not as fulfilled as that alongside this man, then it will be easier to zap it. Indeed, for forget a man we love there is nothing better than to see the darkest aspects of his personality.

Forgetting his man to come back to him better!

I know that anyone who reads this article will not necessarily want to totally forget about their ex-companion because in a corner of their head, reconquest is always possible and it is even the desired goal. Nevertheless, to achieve this it is essential to to show a new face to his ex.

However, it is not by sticking to his ex, by admitting his feelings or trying to convince him permanently that we will be able to recover. In order to cause a lack and especially not to make mistakes we must give the impression that we want to recover that we start to disappear, that we will not come back and for that we must actually think of behaving as if the latter and the relationship had never existed.

This fourth hypothesis is however far from the subject of the article and if it is still your choice, I refer you to my special file how to recover his ex because now we will examine together the different techniques to forget someone.

How to forget a man? 3 tips and a great thing!

When we want to know how to forget a manwe must be aware that it is important to apply strong methods to get out of this permanent sadness and finally to be able to feel better and to be together again. Before I give you these essential tips, I would like to say that it is important to understand that it is in the long term that they will bear fruit. If you are looking for instant results or a magical way to forget about a man you risk going from disillusionment to disillusionment.

It is certain that the goal is to feel better about yourself as soon as possible but unfortunately it is not in a few days that everything will change.It is an evolutionary process that requires more or less time depending on the people, the efforts made and the intensity of feelings. The goal is to really have new bases to be able to progress gradually and reach your goal.

For this, there are actions to implement. I propose you to discover 3 essential and bonus I will give you an absolutely great advice for forget a man we love.

To forget it you have to separate from your memories

Photos, sms, letters, jewels, clothes, the list is infinite when one thinks of what can make us think of the one we do not want in his life. To forget a man you have to understand that you have to use radical actions and that means to separate objects that remind you of strong moments or else that make you think of him because de facto these make you suffer.

If your ex has offered you a superb leather jacket but you do not think about him by keeping it there though. In reality, everything is a question of behavior. The way you live the events will dictate your choices and your behavior.

So, as soon as you go into your kitchen and you see pictures on the fridge thinking back to him and that tears come up, if the necklace he gave you and too difficult to wear, you must absolutely separate yourself. For personal reconstruction it is something of prime importance! Anything that reminds you man to forgetmust be carefully set aside.

Focus on yourself for less thinking about him

When we want less think of a man Paradoxically, we often have the reflex to make it happen in priority, that is to say to think of his reactions, to put himself in his place and to act according to his tastes or his expectations.

When we had a passionate relationship it is not easy to change habits by prioritizing. Nevertheless, it will be necessary if we really want to change and not only to see life according to him because it is often the mistake that we commit and that prevents us from advancing properly.

It is important to focus on oneself, on one's desires and to do what you want without thinking about the reaction of the one you absolutely want to forget. We must now assume that we are not accountable to him. If you want to have a real chance to feel better, it is important to win and not be afraid of not making him happy. Today you have to go beyond feelings to get better.

Have plans to take him out of his thoughts

When you want forget a guyIt is important not to sit at home with your arms crossed and wait for time to pass. While it will be effective at some point, doing so will also save you valuable time. Instead, you need to be proactive by analyzing the facts and asking yourself what could help you move forward. And for that, there is nothing better than to have projects in the short term but also in the medium term, so your mind will be focused on other aspects that this man to forget.

Indeed, the thing not to do for take a man out of his head is to think that only time can work. Of course, this factor is important but it is also necessary to contribute to the reduction of the waiting precisely by applying a method which works and which goes beyond the reconstruction, it is about the focus on its personal projects.

Whether it's a trip with friends, a move, a professional project. You can not sit back and do nothing, you have to indulge yourself and smile again without needing him for it simply because you do not need it. Not to be alone, to have expectations, desires and necessary if you want to move forward and feel better on a daily basis.

How to forget a man we love: The awesome thing to apply!

As I explained above, there is no miracle trick when looking for how to forget a man. By cons, I still wanted to give you a great tip that a colleague shared with me not later only last night.

I found this tip absolutely fantastic because it allows to cut the contact more easily with a man that we love. The idea is that when you want to send a message to this man who misses youyou can write it, but instead of sending it to you, you will write it to yourself.

When you receive the message almost instantly, you will not open it but instead put your phone in a drawer with linen (between 2 sheets for example) and you will have the right to return only a few dozen minutes later.

You will find that your message was far from essential, and as you change your habits until you stop contacting him.

If you want more tips or a little help is welcome, you can turn to my program how to rebuild after the break or turn to an individualized coaching session.

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