Easy divorce, a lie!

I share today an excerpt from an interesting article by Jimmy Evans (published in MarriageToday) that I just translated, on easy divorce. The proportion of divorce is particularly high in the world, including in the Christian community. Easy divorce? A lie!

For those who view divorce as an easy answer to marital problems, there is an increasing number of arguments that suggest the opposite. First of all, the damage caused by the divorce is devastating. Research on the subject shows that the consequences of divorce on children persist not only for a lifetime, but are also transferred to their children. A lot of adults tell me that going through a divorce is worse than death. Companies experience up to two years of lost productivity among employees who go through a divorce.

Many people justify their choice of divorce by saying, "I have to do it because God wants me to be happy / happy"Yet recent research shows that the vast majority of divorcing people are not happier than unhappy couples who stay married. The reason for this is that when the divorce happens, you exchange a series of problems for new problems, quite simply.

Another fascinating discovery is that of the unfortunate couples who choose to stay married, five years later, almost 80% declare their marriage happy. The biggest turnaround is reported by couples who were the most unfortunate five years earlier.

No-fault divorce has come with the promise of making divorce less common, less complicated and less painful for the family. What a lie! Divorce has become an epidemic and it is still devastating. The legal provisions of no-fault divorce can not in any way counteract the serious emotional consequences of divorce on adults and children.

In fact, the biggest weddings I've ever known are those who have gone through very difficult times and managed to keep up anyway.

All marriages pass at one time or another through difficult times. In fact, the biggest weddings I've ever known are those who have gone through very difficult times and managed to keep up anyway. This is also true for Karen and me. We have been married for thirty-three years now and our wedding is great. But we had some very difficult times and we were about to divorce almost thirty years ago. The choice to stay together paid huge dividends.

If you want to have a happy life and marriage, forget the word divorce and refuse to believe the lie that divorce will bring you happiness. In most cases, divorce is the answer to the problems of marriage.

Marriage works when you enter with a firm commitment. Click to tweet

Our society is truly affected by broken homes and broken hearts. Many people today are afraid to get married because of all the pain they see in those whose family has been broken. But the truth is that marriage works when you enter with a firm commitment. The wishes we say during our wedding ceremonies are designed for this purpose. When we say, "For better or for worse, in wealth and poverty, in sickness and in health, until death separates us ...", we take the essential commitment that lays a solid foundation for a successful marriage.

These vows worked for many years until the lie of easy divorce took place. Since then, it's a path of tears. Spare the grief of divorce. Endure ... and when the devil tells you the lie of easy divorce, do not believe it!

As for Christian couples, here is what I ordain, or rather what the Lord himself commands them: That the woman does not part with her husband. In case she is separated, she remains without remarriage or is reconciled with her husband. The husband, for his part, must not leave his wife. (1 Corinthians 7: 10-11, SEM)



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