Testimony of Laurent: How I surpassed the pain of the rupture!


Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to share with you the testimony of a person who did a great job on himself. He has not yet recovered his ex but he was able to find happiness by focusing on him.

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A painful rupture: How to overcome the pain?

4 months today that my companion left me, after more than thirteen years of relationship that went very well. Only the last few months have been difficult when I felt something was happening ... The break was not far off.

She had met someone.

The day of our break was a real cataclysm, all plans for the future collapsed in a few minutes. I was absolutely lost and unable to project myself until the next day. The two months that followed were particularly painful: the crying, the attempts to "catch up" the thread of what had not worked, to find explanations with my ex ... All that was vain, I was convinced that she was going to come to her senses and everything would be as before ... But she had already moved on.

Focus on yourself to fight the lack!

At the end of these two months, the sadness was still very present but I applied the advice of Alexandre: since I had more interest for nothing, he told me that it was necessary to make a maximum of things because it would be "doing" that I would find interest in doing things and especially not staying home to cogitate.

So I had to say yes to everything that was offered to me ... My family and friends managed to convince me to go on a long trip. I did not taste anything but I did it. It started to happen in me: I saw new places, meet a lot of new people ...

I was making new memories without my half. Back from my trip, I continued to fill my activity schedule: sport, going to see friends (and not receiving them, making the move to go to others), do concerts, festivals, move , move, move all that not to think about the break.
I realize today that I have done in two months more things than these last three years, my friends do not recognize me anymore (compared to the period following the rupture), and my new knowledge is very curious of my life and find it very interesting ...

I feel that I become attractive again when I felt less than nothing just a few weeks ago.

A breakthrough is a victory: How to regain control?

Certainly, I still have moments of blues because a break is never simple, but which are spaced more and more and which are less and less long. I am still in contact with my ex to settle some points of our life together but I am no longer "hooked" on her.

I went through two phases of radio silence and even if it's hard at the beginning (we watch the emails, the phone ...), I know today that it is an essential step to refocus on oneself and not on the couple ... that no longer exists.

I was in a state of mind where I really wanted to win back my ex and I did everything for that: I followed almost exactly the advice of Alexander, read almost all articles on the site ... This is me did a lot of good paradoxically to see that I was not the only one to live this and I relativized my situation.

Overcoming Negative Emotions: Farewell to the pain of breaking ...

Today I think I will not succeed in winning back my ex but I feel really better and I want to do things and meet new people again. I even feel a change in my ex: she who had become completely indifferent to me (which is the worst when you are the person who has been left) ...

She is now much more reactive in her responses to me and it is even she who takes the initiative to contact me! She does not come back to me to start our story again but I arouse something even at home and that's a great victory over me!

It is still recent but it is undeniable: the time does its work and the break is less painful. The more days pass, the better I feel. I take it as a life experience that later will serve me not to make mistakes in my next relationships.

I can not believe to write these lines today but I am almost in a hurry to see what the future holds for me ... I realize that my reconstruction takes place and I thank Alex very much!

Good luck to all of you.


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