Recovery ': 8 deco tips to recycle wooden crates

Rather than buying new furniture, why not opt ​​for a recycled decor? Recycling wooden crates can offer you charming furniture.

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Originally used to transport objects of all kinds, wooden crates lend themselves admirably to diversion and customization. DIY enthusiast, I happened to make libraries with crates. Here is a wide range of ideas to do the same at home!

1. Replace your TV stand

The traditional TV stand in the living room can also be replaced by a combination of painted cases, mounted on the wall for a more airy effect.

Tips: To avoid overloaded rendering, paint your crates the color of your wall and choose openwork. Make a linear under the TV, a stack would give a loaded result.

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2 industrial fairs. A small budget library for a child's bedroom

Stacked by four, the wooden crates will replace a library, especially in a child's room. You can store books and toys without invading the full height of a wall, especially if the room is small.

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3. Make wall shelves

To expose your small items, arrange a composition of boxes screwed to the wall, different sizes and shapes, customized or natural, according to your desires and in agreement with your room.

Tip: As here, consider setting a wooden board at the height of your choice to add a level of storage.

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4. Dress the bottom of your shelves

You can also dress the bottom of your box with wallpaper.

Tip: If you want to stack them, like here, make sure to fix them together beforehand.

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