How do unfaithful spouses justify their adventures?

Most people who have an affair do not give their spouse clear or adequate explanations. Instead, they seek to hide the motives of their hearts and to find a way to justify themselves. Many blame their spouse by pointing out his flaws. Others parade saying: " It's not you. You have nothing to reproach yourself with. It's me. "Now, these two attitudes leave bruised spouses in a state of shock in front of a wall of insidious reproaches or to themselves, struggling alone in confusion, helpless, since" they have nothing to do with it all " Many end up with a host of unresolved issues.

The reasons given by the unfaithful spouse are often these: " If only you knew what he did, what he did to me, you would understand why I had to turn to another one. He was fucking my life in the air. Nobody should have to live that. "

Although most adulterous spouses had sex during their affair, many people say that sex is not their primary motivation. Some admit it, of course, but many say that they felt out of touch with their couple, devalued, dissatisfied, frustrated, and bored. A large number of women justify their adventure by telling their husbands: " You do not know how to make me happy anymore. You are more interested in your work, television and sports than me. You were not there when I needed you. It was you who threw me into his arms. "

Whatever the reason, the spouse who cheats on his partner usually ends up succumbing to the myth of "green pastures". Proverbs 6: 32, 33 reminds us that whoever commits adultery is foolish, runs to ruin and exposes himself to shame. Rejecting the blame on the other is the classic way to avoid losing face. But no matter what happened between the spouses before adultery, the deceived partner is not responsible for the foolish decision of his spouse to be unfaithful.

As unfaithful spouses are reluctant to reveal their true motives, the deceived wife or husband remains with this nagging question: " Why ? What could have pushed my spouse, my spouse, to go so far as to have an affair? Is it his fault or mine? "

This post is from a small book written by Tim Jackson for those whose marriage has been devastated by adultery, to help them understand what is happening to them and give them hope.

One of the main reasons for the heartbreak, infidelity, divorce in many families today is this: Jesus Christ, the author of marriage, life and happiness is not central of the family. Christ is not Lord in the hearts of the spouses, which opens a great door to Satan.

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