A job in accordance with my values ​​...

How to choose a profession when I do not recognize myself in the values ​​of the current world? I would like to choose a profession that is related to my values, altruism and respect for the environment. But it seems to me that every job will be in the service of an employer whose slogans will be productivity, turnover and quantity. Being part of a self-destructive wheel does not help the serenity of my consciousness. Do you have any advice to give me to finally act in the right direction? Jean-Christophe, 29

Pierre Blanc-Sahnoun

Business Coach


There is no shame in wanting to give meaning to your professional life, to want to put your professional life in harmony with his personal values, to refuse to be simply an "economic actor", a triumphant market figure just good to consume the new products touted by the dominant thought.

For all that, and that's where it gets complicated, we do not live up to the time and, as you rightly say, you too have an economic equation to solve, one of which is terms is your willingness to live according to your principles, but the other the search for the right distance with the "system", a distance where your bank account still allows you a decent standard of living, but where you can also to say that your activity serves something, contributes to something positive. What freedom already to be able to live this dilemma!

But the solution is to build it. Because paradoxically, beyond a claim of "meaning" very fashionable among the Bobos and whose you will find the reflection in all the sites, blogs and anti-globalization groups, it is towards an individual work of writing of your life and therefore, your identity, that your questioning takes you.

To help you, the classic way is the assessment of skills, a benefit to which any employee is entitled, but carried out with consultants that you have chosen, after long discussion with them, on their ability to hear who you are and what you dream of without trying to take you back on the neoliberal tracks under the pretext of "realism", but without allowing you to lose yourself in the forest of your contradiction and in your thirst for living a dignified life, to throw the baby with the 'bath water.


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