Testimony of restoration: the miracle happened

God is doing miracles and restoring marriages today. If you are in the breach for the restoration of your marriage, hold fast to the Word He has given you. You will see it fulfilled!

For he says, and the thing happens; He orders, and she exists. (Psalms 33: 9)

This morning, I share with you the testimony of Bénédicte. I pray that this testimony inspires you!

Good reading!


I would like to post my wedding restoration testimony because it is a promise I made to God. I told Him that if He restored my marriage, I would say out loud what He did for me; and by this message, I want to remind all my brothers and sisters who stand in the breach for their marriage, that our God is faithful and that He keeps His promises. What He has done for me, He is also able to do it for you.

This is what I want to pass in my heart, which will give me hope. 22 The goodness of Jehovah is not exhausted, his mercies are not at an end; 23 They are renewed every morning. Oh! how faithful is your fidelity! (The 3: 21-23)

My husband and I met almost 8 years ago ... We got married in 2014.

After 15 months of testing, I got pregnant and there, surprise I was pregnant not a baby but 3 !!!

TRIPLES! Our life turned upside down, selling our small apartment for a house in emergency because according to the doctors, I will never have given birth to 9 months of pregnancy ...

Then everything changed in September 2015, at 6 months of pregnancy, I gave birth to my stillborn children ...

We who were all happy, we lost 3 children at once because of a rupture of the water pocket. My uterus did not support the weight of the children. It must be said that at 6 months, I already looked like a pregnant woman of 9 months.

And that's where the problems started.

I have always known God. I come from a Christian family (and even my coming to earth is a miracle because my mother was declared sterile and after 8 years of suffering, God has answered her, she is now mother of 5 children, one of whom she had at the age of 51 and is in perfect health !!!)

My husband is not a Christian and for him, God is "cultural".

When I met him, I put our King aside. I did not pray anymore, I went away and I thought I was going to get there by myself. The loss of our children had created a gap between us but I had not seen anything yet. God by His faithfulness blessed me in December 2015, 3 months later. I was pregnant again and today I have a wonderful little girl.

One year after the birth of our daughter, my husband told me that he did not love me anymore and that he wanted to divorce ... that he had met someone else and that he thought she was "the woman of his life" ... Imagine the drama! I, the mother of his children, he announced to me that right in the eyes.

Taking a huge anger, I put it out and found myself at the bottom of the hole. I had just put up my box and I had to stop and quickly find a CDI, because I could not assume my daughter, the house all by being in business creation. I crossed the desert. Then I shouted to God I wanted to understand Why ? Why did I live this? Then He answered me. He had just broken me because I had forgotten my first love ... I had neglected him while he's a jealous God and that above all else He's my King and nothing and who else on this earth.

Back to God

Come back, rebellious children, I will forgive your infidelities.-Here we are, we are going to you, For you are the Lord our God. (Jeremiah 3:22)

I drew near to Him. I asked for forgiveness, fasting, praying, and I repented.

Meanwhile, my husband kept talking to me about divorce. He accentuated his relationship with this woman. He even introduced him to his family when we were married and he went to live with her for almost 6 months.

Meanwhile, I kept this word in me "Faith is the firm assurance of things that we hope for the demonstration of what we do not see" (Hebrews 11: 1) I did not walk by sight but only by faith. When it was hard, I clung to the word of GOD.

Then the last week of March 2018, I addressed this prayer to our God: "Lord, I spent the Christmas holidays without my husband, give me thanks, I proclaim that I will spend the Easter holidays with my husband and my daughter amen."

My brothers, the miracle occurred on April 1, 2018, my husband called me and he said: "I broke up with the other woman and I want to cancel the divorce proceedings and if you still want I would like to come back home because my place is with you and our daughter and not in another home ... I beg your pardon for everything that happened and besides if you have not planned anything, we we can spend the Easter holidays together. "

I remained stuck so I was moved, but especially I saw the GLORY and the fidelity of GOD !!!

For almost a month, my husband is back home and we are happy all three !!

During this fight, God showed me so many things. I had visions and He told me that my husband would come back; the story is very long, I can write a book to say all these benefits. But if I wanted to write this, it is to encourage those who are fighting for their marriage.

I arrived on this blog My Couple My Relations, looking for wedding restoration testimonials. I was looking for testimonials to encourage me. And they did me a lot of good! I was happy to see what God had done for others, and I knew He would act for me too.

Our father is faithful !!! If you believe in him, you will see His power. But above all, do not ever put it back !! Whatever your life, your work, GOD MUST BE NUMBER ONE!

God bless you.


Glory to the Lord for this beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing Benedicte! I rejoice with you! The best is yet to come, and I pray that the work of restoration that the Lord began in you will be completed to the end in the name of Jesus.


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