5 things you will regret in 15 years

5 things you will regret in 15 years

Regret a terrible feeling. Everyone has already regretted a situation in a given moment in his life. "If only… " This famous phrase that everyone knows.

Life is a long journey in which we grow on different levels, we experience more or less strong experiences, we meet new people, etc.
But here you go, you reach a certain age and you do a retrospective of the years you have lived. And here is the drama. A feeling of deep questioning overwhelms your mind. You feel bad. You regret a lot of things in your past life. The regret, this terrible feeling.
Of course, it's never too late to change, but the sooner you understand certain principles, the sooner you'll be better. Here are the 5 things you will regret in 15 years if you do nothing to change.

1. To regret not having been oneself

This famous mask that you wear everyday. This famous mask that hides you from your true personality. Your friends, colleagues, people around you see you as someone you are not really.

You are afraid of look of others, you are afraid of what the others think vis-à-vis your personality. As a result, you do all the time to get the best mask possible and to become the best chameleon possible. It may sound good. At least in any case. You feel that you like a lot of people, that you have some success.

But in the end, do you deserve all that? Feel deep inside you, do not reveal your true self? Because in the end, you forget who you are really and you focus a lot of energy on Perception that you project to others, instead of your true personality.

Dare to say your personality, dare to be proud of yourself and your personality. Do not be afraid of the judgments of others. People will appreciate you for your personality and not for someone, ultimately superficial. You do not have to be perfect to impress and inspire people around you.

Let them rather to be inspired by you by the way you manage your life and your way of life incredibly well manage your imperfections daily.
You just need to show them YOU with your strengths and weaknesses.

2. To regret not having been master of his life

In the continuity of the first point, do not affirm one's personality and follow the others mean that you are not master of your life. You are rather the sheep instead of being the shepherd. You do everything according to others. If someone asks you to act that way, you listen to it. If someone asks you to do this, you listen to it. That's not the problem, the problem comes from the fact that you're doing something while deep inside you, you do not want it.

You have dreams. Your entourage tells you that it is impossible. So yes it's impossible and you stop dreaming. You have projects that you like, but your entourage lets you know that these projects are not for you, that you should follow another path. So yes, it's true they're right, it's not for you. You change your route. You then define the projects according to what others want.

The biggest challenge of life is find out who you really are. For that, it's your dreams and your goals who will accompany you during this trip. For that, have dreams and goals in life.

You must do what you really want to do, leave you planting. You will not regret it. That's a good point.

Do you have people who criticize you, who do not like what you do? Great, you're on the right path. Continue and persevere. You will show them that you were right to continue.

3. Regret not to have cultivated the positive

Cultivate the positive makes you enter a virtuous circle. Indeed, the more you see the positive in life situations, the more positive things you will train around you. The positive attracts the positive. The negative draws the negative.

Being also with negative people around you is not good. Being with people who have the wrong state of mind will prevent you from advancing as you really wish. In addition to complaining all the time, criticizing everyone and staying in their comfort zone, they will also criticize you and discourage you on your projects. As they are nice to you, you will listen to them. Therefore, you act according to them and no longer according to your desires.

You always have the choice. It's up to you to choose the right camp.

4. Regret of having abandoned each obstacle encountered

A failure is something positive. It's important to know.Why ? A failure allows you to:

  • Know why it did not work out as you wanted.
  • Do not repeat the same mistake again
  • Learn and get out stronger

If something does not happen the way you want it, do not give up. Continue moving forward. The one who continues is always the one who will succeed! Look, all the successful people in life are people who have persevered and who have not given up on any obstacle encountered.

If there are no obstacles in one of your projects, something is wrong. On the contrary, the more obstacles you face, the more you will leave glorious of the battle!

Never give up !

5. Regret not to be out of his comfort zone

Magic things happen only to people who will leave their comfort zone. Have that in mind. If you do not know what it is, take a look at the article that explains the concept of the comfort zone. For others, you can step out of your comfort zone.

How do you want to progress and move forward in life if you do not make the effort? To make the effort means experiment, do things you do not have not used to doing, in order to achieve your goals.

Do you want to be more passive or active? The passive will do nothing to achieve what he wants and will be led by life. The active On the contrary, it will do everything it can to progress and develop despite external obstacles and failures.

In the end the asset will be blooming and the liabilities will always be at the same level.

It's your turn !

And you, have you had any regrets?



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