Two powerful exercises to let go!

Two powerful exercises to let go!

You did not arrive here by chance.

Oh no, no.

There must surely be reasons that make you want to let go.

It's perfect, because here we are between us. No fuss. We say everything and I will help you as best as I can.

The first reason you want to let go is your negative thoughts.

Maybe you feeltrapped by your negative thoughts ?

You know, it's these toxic thoughts that loop in your head around the clock. Morning noon and evening. It does not stop, and obviously, the more you think about it and the worse it gets.

"Stop thinking about it, it's destructive for you", "Go stop, think about something else", "Come on, I think positive".

But you notice that it's useless to do that.

It's as if I'm telling you: do not think of a pink elephant.


A nice big pink elephant appears in your mind. Boom. It's a gift.

With negative thoughts, it's the same. The more you think about it, the more you will have the right to party with them.

Not funny otherwise, no?

Well, you would like it to stop, right? But alas it is not that easy.

Everytime it's the same. Your brain goes into an overheating mode and sometimes you can not even sleep.

You turn in all directions, but no way to close your eyes.

Maybe even at times you have the ball in your stomach? Or that you do not feel very good without really knowing why?

Do you see what I'm talking about ?

Rest assured dear reader. We have all lived like this. Me first. I remember, a few years ago, it was far from rosy.

But it's not necessarily your fault.

I say that to reassure you? Not at all.

Because the negative thoughts you have are due in part by the fact that you have surely experienced events or situations (negative) that you have scored and that remain in your mind. And who cause all this.

Well that was the first reason you came to read this article.

The second reason is a little more subtle.

Maybe you think (way too much) about your future or to your past ? Maybe you put the pressure and the bar very high to succeed a goal that you set yourself? Perhaps you constantly come back and regret your past by telling yourself, for example:

"If I had known, I would have done like that ...", "I feel that I have messed up everything, that I have missed opportunities ...", etc. You see the idea.

We all know his sentences, right?

In addition to being tiring psychologically, you hurt yourself, and you lock yourself into a negative spiral.

We find ourselves in a vicious circle: the negative draws the negative.

To read

I recently wrote a great article on how you can learn to handle negative thoughts . I strongly encourage you to read it after this article.

In short, do not worry. It's human. And the society we live in does not make things easy, let's face it.

You do not go back and you have your head on the handlebars.

Fortunately, a solution exists, easy to say, certainly, but necessary in everyday life: the let go.

And today, dear reader, you will learn:

  • what letting go exactly
  • And how to succeed in letting go by using two simple methods unknown

These are the questions we will answer together today.

You are ready ? We can go ?


Letting go, KESAKO?

Letting go is sort of a step back that you take on a given situation that disturbs you.

This is a situation that bothers you and stays day and night in your head. It drains all your positive energy.

Living then the present moment becomes a real headache.

The purpose of letting go is to try to temporarily detach from this situation to breathe a little and feel more at peace.

It's a little fuzzy?

I will give you an image to better visualize the thing.

Imagine balloons that are attached to your arm. These balloons represent your problems.

Its good ? Do you visualize them well?

They may be many attached to you, maybe even different colors. You feel their presence. They are constantly floating above you.

Let go in this case would be like cutting with a chisel the threads of the balloons that are attached to your arms, and then let the balloons fly away up there.

You have no more hold on these balloons.

"So does that mean we say goodbye to our Lirone problems?"

No, not quite.

Be careful, I'm not saying that letting go means giving up your problems and trying to forget them, no. It just means that you pause, that you create a bigger space for your negative thoughts, and then have a better perspective on the situation.

I will give you a very simple example to understand.

Have you ever had a word on the tip of your tongue? You know, when are you sure you know the answer, but you can not get it out?

You go on, you try in vain to think hard, but no way, no answer that comes out. And the more you think about it, the less you get there. It's really frustrating, right?

Afterwards, you stop thinking about it and move on (because after a while when it does not come, it does not come). You then decided to let go on the search for this word.

And suddenly, magically, the word comes back to you, without any effort on your part.

I am sure that has happened to you many times. Not true ?

"So what ? What is the relationship ?"

Always thinking about a problem day and night is ineffective, makes you waste time and especially does not necessarily solve the problem.

You are doingresistance.

However, letting go of this problem will allow your brain to take a little air and blow a little.

So he will be more inclined to look for an original solution to your problem.

It should be known that there are many methods for letting go. Meditation can be one in the long run.

Edit: I recently wrote an article on a very effective and little known method to take a step back on a negative situation through mindfulness. It's here.

However, for today I have chosen two of them.

Two simple, unpublished and little-known methods that can have positive effects on the short-medium term.

These are two methods who have proven themselves and who have worked on my surroundings.

The exercise of little guys to let go

This exercise will seem very simple at first, but let me tell you that it is terribly effective.Two minutes is enough, I promise you!

You will just need a blank sheet, a felt and a pair of scissors.

Easy until now?

Well we will be able to return to childhood. You know, this time when you drew without stopping?

"What, are you laughing Lirone?"

No, I'm not kidding. You will draw, cut your sheet and then basta. Then your subconscious will take over and take care of the rest, in the background.

Yes, yes, I assure you.

You are not happy? Do you doubt? I invite you to try.

On the other hand, I refuse that you tell me the following thing:

"Lirone, your exercise is anything. Wait, are you going to tell me that with maternal material, I will be able to free myself and let go of my problems? Leave it alone. If it's like that, I'm leaving. "

Please: try before making any conclusions. In general, in life you have to try. If you do not even try what we offer, how do you go? In this case, do not look for solutions;).

Good. You can continue. I explain to you how to do it.

I invite you to watch these two videos. Very easy to understand (despite a Quebec accent 😉). Once you understand, you just have 2 minutes watch in hand to let go.

Great, no?

(I wrote you a summary under the videos if ... you're a little lazy and in a hurry)

Lirone, I'm too lazy to watch the video ...

Okey, I understood. I suspected a little. (I'm kind of like you ^^). That's why I've prepared a short summary:

  1. On the sheet of paper, represent yourself as a little man: the head, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the body, the arms, the legs. Yes, a very simple thing. Write your first name and the initials of your last name above or below the man.

  2. Then draw a second little guy next to it and write that person's first name and the initial of his last name. If it's a situation, make a rectangle and write in it in one / two words describing the situation.

  3. Draw a circle of light around your character to symbolize what you want, what is best for you.

  4. Draw a circle of light around the second guy (or rectangle) to symbolize what you want, what is best for that person (or situation).

  5. Draw a circle of light around the two guys, adding small rays of light that symbolize what you want, what is best for both people, without giving any specific intent.

  6. Then trace the conscious or unconscious lines of attachment between the two fellows at the different centers of energy (chakras). There must be 7 lines that connect the 7 chakras, ie, from the bottom up: chakra root (sacrum) , sacred chakra (navel), solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra (between the two eyes) and crown chakra (top of the skull).

  7. With the scissors, cut the sheet of paper at the level of the attachment lines.

New method in the form of hypnosis to download.

Here, do this exercise over a week.

You will be really amazed at the power of this exercise.

It was the first method.

I present you now the second method.

A method a little more known.

Letting go by sophrology

I propose another exercise based on the relaxation therapy.

The sophro what?

Wait, let me explain.

What is sophrology in general?

Sophology comes from the Greek: sos which means tranquility, serenity. phren which means brain / consciousness and Logos which means study.

In French, this gives the following: sophrology is the study of techniques to obtain the serenity of the mind. This concept was developed in the early 1960s by Dr. Mr Caycedo, a Colombian neuropsychiatrist.

Regular practice of sophrology is very good for your health and especially for your everyday well-being.

As sophrology is something vast, I will not go into detail in this article. I'm just going to give a little exercise to do.

Practical exercise

Exercise: Isolate yourself and lie down preferably. Close your eyes. You will then perform an autogenic relaxation step.

I propose this mp3. A relaxation stage is always important. This is to put you in a state of serenity of mind.

If you do not want to download the mp3, I propose this:

  1. Lie down
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Put both hands on your belly
  4. Do deep breaths as follows: 7-5-9. You inhale for 7 seconds, block your air for 5 seconds and finally exhale for 9 seconds. You do this 20 times by concentrating only on your breathing and nothing else.

Once this is done, we will go to let go.

I will resume the balloon exercise.

You will imagine yourself alone in a place of nature that you know or not. You are lying down. You are peaceful and well in your skin. Try to visualize yourself in this landscape. Try to have the clearest vision possible.

When this is done, you will slowly recover and from now on you will observe a large inflatable balloon next to you.

  • The hot-air balloon. You see a big balloon near you that is ready to fly. She is just tied to solid threads. Inside this one is a crate for the moment empty. You will find small papers and a pen next to this box. Now you will write what bother you with simple words. Write and visualize writing the problems that bother you on these papers. I advise you to take care of one situation per session. Once this is done, you will put these papers in the box provided for this purpose. You close the box. You are satisfied, you smile. Now, with a big chisel next to you, you'll cut the links between the hot air balloon and the ground. Watch the hot air balloon fly away with your problems. Keep looking at her, moving further and further until you can not see her anymore.

Your little worries are soaring all the way up. They are no longer with you. You are happy, you are satisfied and you are feel lighter. From that moment, you can count to 10, and return to the present moment.

You should feel a lot better.

This is an exercise that is not necessarily easy when it's the first time we do it, but by dint of training, it will become easier and easier.


You can record the statement of this exercise with your voice by speaking slowly and articulating, so you can do this exercise whenever you want.

Imagination is an incredible power that you have. Do not neglect it.

New ways to let go

Come on, as I like you and you've come this far, I'm giving you some extra tips to help you let go:

  • As I recommended to you earlier. The meditation: Regular practice brings great wellness to your mental health over the medium to long term.(The complete guide to start learning to meditate)
  • An effective method to learn how to react properly to a negative situation that occurs
  • Cognitive competitiveness to fight your negative thoughts
  • The sport: a regular practice allows to evacuate its stress and to feel more serene in everyday life.
  • The self-confidence to trust others: it's simple, when we do not trust others, we try to bring everything back to ourselves, but these things are not necessarily things that we can control. Trusting others in a given situation helps to letting go.
  • Living in the moment. Indeed, it is a good method for people who think too much about the past or the future.
  • The discussion. Do not hesitate to talk to someone you trust. You all know the expression "empty your bag", not true? Talking to someone frees up the emotional charge.

A lot of information at once, right?

Focus on at least one of the two exercises that I explained to you.

I assure you that these are two excellent exercises I invite you to apply! Try it today and tell me something new.

I know it's not easy to get into something you do not know.

Remember that the city of Rome was not built overnight. For you, it's the same. Go step by step, little by little!

I will end by saying that everyone is able to let go easily. Even you !

However, I agree with you, society imposes a particular rhythm of life and requires us to live our lives according to certain rules.

We have never been taught to let go. Never.

I am convinced that learning basic school would change so much in the world ... After that is my opinion and it's only me.

Because your brain has the ability to be flexible enough, by doing the exercises regularly, you give your brain the ability to let go when it is needed, in addition to being able to step back from everyday situations.

Come on, I'm counting on you! = D

It's your turn !

Thank you for your attention.

Lirone, a lover almost professional.


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