15 ways to complicate your child's future

Instruct the child according to the way he must follow; And when he is old, he will not turn away from it. (Proverbs 22: 6)

I found this recent article on the education of our children. I have translated it to help those who need it, to become aware of their responsibility today for what their child will become tomorrow. It is sarcastically written, but he who has ears to hear hears ...

Good reading!

Do you want to make the future life of your child difficult, complicated in every respect? Here is a list of things to do:

1. Give your child everything he wants. Do not refuse him anything, especially. Over-evaluate money and material things in his eyes.

2. Dress your child with designer clothes, no matter the cost. Show him that his outward appearance is more important than anything.

3. Place your child's needs above those of your spouse. If he cries, run to him immediately. If he interrupts you in the middle of a conversation, give him your full attention.

4. Distract your child throughout the day. If he wants to play any game, put your plans aside. If he wants to watch his favorite movie for the 100th time, then forget your idea of ​​taking a walk to get some fresh air.

5. Plan your menu around your child's wishes. No child should have something to eat that he does not like. If, by chance, you want to do something other than what he likes, do not hesitate to cook your own meal.

6. Register your child for as many extracurricular activities as he / she wants, even if it means giving up your plans for the eveninged. Do not worry that he is not here for the evening meal.

7. Do not discipline your child when he is haughty and arrogant towards others. After all, everyone should learn to express themselves in their own way. If he demands something, then applaud his efforts. At least you know that he will never be walked on, that he will not be a doormat in this world!

8. Do not worry if your child is fighting with nearby children or even behaving like a bully to other children. Life is not fair and someone must always be a loser / you always need a winner anyway. At least your child is learning to bend his way to the top at a young age.

9. When your child has a disagreement with his teacher, always take your child's side. Do not go to school when the teacher calls you to discuss your child's problems. The teacher will want to put in place a disciplinary action and this may hurt the feelings of your child.

10. Do not share your faith with your child. After all, you do not want to offend him. Give your child the opportunity, if they wish, to hear stories from the Bible and do not insist that they memorize some Bible verses. He may become discouraged if he does not understand well the first time and it could ruin his self-esteem after all. Moreover, you do not want him to know that there is a God who rules the universe, sets the rules, and determines eternity. This thought is too hard and your child might not understand. In addition, he will not be autonomous and will strive to be a good person.

11. Do not pray for your child.

12. Speak badly about him and stick him some labels on the back kind: "You're ugly, you're stupid, you're bad, you're a rascal ..." There is a good chance that he will become so.

13. Do not bless your child.

14. Do not teach him the Kingdom of God and the principles that characterize himérisent.

15. Do not take him to church with you.

Daily prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the great opportunity that You give me; investing in adults that my children will become someday. Help me to see the areas in which I need to improve. Counsel me, strengthen me Lord.

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Points 1 to 10 are the translation of a post by Tricia Goyer (by Aisha). Tricia Goyer has written more than 35 books. She has also published more than 500 articles on Christian American websites for the family.


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