The interview of your sentimental adviser in Lyon by the newspaper Le Progrès

Valentine's Day was particularly emotional for me. First of all, I had the pleasure of learning some good news from the people I coached. Four of them have recovered their ex during the days preceding the lovers day and the same day of Valentine's Day, are three couples who have reformed. I wish them the best of course. By the way, dear friends, if you read these lines, I count on you to maintain this relationship and contact me to give me news but more for coaching as a marriage counselor in Lyon!

But that's not all. In addition to this good news, I was asked as a sentimental advisor in Lyon by the newspaper "The progress" which is still drawn more than 200 000 copies, to conduct an interview on the best way to seduce at work . It must be admitted that the 14th of February remains a special day in the eyes of the French, although more and more people insist on the commercial notion of this festival.

During this marathon week, I was also contacted by Yannick, blogger who runs the site "fair trade" and I intervened on the concept of seduction during commercial transactions. I propose you to discover my advice as a marriage counselor in Lyon in this article.

The 5 instructions of your marriage counselor in Lyon published in "Le Progrès"

So that my readers who do not reside in the Rhône-Alpes region and therefore do not have access to the daily Le Progrès can still get my recommendations in terms of love coaching, I naturally wanted you to share this publication.

I do not consider myself just a marriage counselor in Lyon, in Paris or Nice. At any given moment, everyone may need specific help regardless of their origin or place of residence. I also advise through telephone coaching or videoconferencing of people living in Canada, Belgium but also Francophones in the Middle East, Africa and the United States.

In this article on Valentine's Day, which appeared on February 11th, the journalist who conducted the interview asked me questions about how to seduce in her workplace. There are five tips that will come in handy if you've had a crush on a colleague. To find the full extent of my intervention as marriage counselor in Lyondo not hesitate to write me at [email protected] and I will be happy to send it to you directly in your mailbox.

I have already written articles about the way to apprehend seduction at work and if you want to continue your reading, I invite you to go on this page: to seduce a colleague of work.

How to use seduction in commerce

During the video interview conducted by the blogger "fair trade" which is available by clicking on the following link: a marriage counselor in Lyon explains how to approach a person who impresses youI have detailed the reasons why in commercial transactions there is also a form of seduction game.

Be careful, it's not about coming with the arm of a bimbo that will make the eye of the boss of the company with which you plan to establish a partnership or conclude a big contract!

In reality, seduction is everywhere. In the personal life but also in the professional world. This is what I wanted to highlight in this interview with Yannick and I hope I have succeeded in making my interpretation clear. In my opinion, the link between seduction and self-confidence is obvious.

In commercial matters, it's exactly the same. If you lack confidence, your interlocutor will not feel totally convinced. And if that's the case, you risk missing out on a gold deal! To avoid this kind of disappointment, you have to learn to be relaxed and anticipate the demands of the person in front of you. Like when you want to seduce a person you like it, it is by understanding its needs that you will manage to obtain a telephone number or another date.

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