Love is not easy!

There are feelings and situations in life that are much simpler to manage than others. When it comes to dating, it's not easy to always know what to say and what to do. At school, you have lessons in mathematics, languages, geography, but there are no classes to know if you're really in love with someone, to teach you to love and to receive love. Love is not so easy but you can find solutions.

To love a person is a long struggle that we lead throughout our existence. It is not easy to love or build a family. This coaching experience makes me understand how much love is different when it comes to giving it to one's family, friends or wife.

We are largely influenced by what we can see around us and how others love each other. Indeed, it is often the external elements that dictate how you must act in love and that since childhood. There is therefore a lack of knowledge of love that often leads to largely avoidable errors.

To love is to fight our fears!

The society and our education push us to imagine, to see to dream our sentimental future. We want to meet and love a woman / man who will bring us happiness, waking us with tender hugs and giving us unshakeable confidence.

Unfortunately, to access it, there is the phase of seduction to stride. And talking to a woman / man you find attractive immediately becomes a big issue! It is not always easy to approach a stranger and introduce yourself. Most men and women tend to refuse to take this first step and remain stuck in the seduction phase. Yet, dragging is only the first step.

When we talk about feelings, commitment, that's where things get even more complicated for some people. The fact of investing in a relationship, expressing feelings is not easy and creates a blockage which is perfectly understandable. It is therefore true to say that to love is to overcome one's fears, overcome obstacles because it is not easy to achieve and live according to another person.

Learn to question yourself

I must confess that the natural seduction requires a form of questioning. It is a process that is meant to be considered personal development. Of course, it takes longer to build than to learn a quick but inefficient method in the long run. Keep in mind that loving someone does not happen in a day, but it takes time.

Let us not forget also that in this form of seduction, one must be able to expose oneself in front of a person by accepting to be judged and by questioning himself. I remind you that this point is missing 90% of men today (no bad joke!). To have a balanced relationship that allows you to live in happiness, sincerity is essential.

You must have it with your partner but also with you. Be careful, I'm not asking you to summarize everything you've done bad every night. No, simply, when you hear your partner's reproaches, when you see him changing his behavior, you have to know how to ask the right questions. Sometimes questioning helps to better understand / understand and necessarily to bring the right solutions simply because you know exactly what you need to do or not and whether you are responsible or not.

How to stay yourself?

Be yourself because the sentimental life is hard to handle and it's in the seduction process that you introduce the "BASES" of your relationship. It is at the beginning that everything is created and which makes that your couple will have solid foundations, without cracks.

When you know that you can be yourself and that approaching an unfamiliar (which you like) is a game you enjoy, you have a great risk of falling into the super-seduction and not getting over it. This is the purpose that will have to be reviewed. Anyway, we always run out of wanting seduce to seduce and you will sooner or later fall back into natural seduction !

Even if you want to be in a relationship, and this may already be the case today, you must make your happiness a priority. The purpose of life together is not to make compromises that make you unhappy or have regrets that weigh you down. Do not forget to live and bring something new in your personal life to move forward and that's how you will be able to move forward.

Are you ready to make every effort today for a better sentimental future?

Make the right choice now.

Your Love Coach


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