My ex wants to enjoy his youth!

The break does not only concern couples together for decades and going through difficulties leading them straight to a divorce. Even if you are still in a relationship with your first love, you may experience difficulties in your relationship. Sentimental issues can be encountered at any age. However, although you experience the same sadness or disappointment as your elders, it does not mean that the reasons that lead you to the break are the same, so there is a way to find the love of his ex that is different.

One of the explanations of separation that comes back most after a break-up in a young couple and is very specific to age is the argument of youth. The man or woman who shares your life has decided to break up because he / she does not want anything serious at his age. All of a sudden you have a lot of questions coming to mind because it's a situation you do not understand, yet you promised yourself that it would be forever between you ... A few weeks ago still you had projects together, he / she told you that his feelings were stronger than ever, but today is the cold shower and misunderstanding: your partner has chosen to turn the page.

Many young men and women say "my ex wants to enjoy his youth" and find himself in a misunderstanding of how to act to make him understand that you are soul mates. Yet this is not the ideal way to go. To know how to act best during such a period, you have to ask the right questions. How to understand the decision of his ex who explains that now his only wish is to have fun? Is youth really the problem or is there something else? Can we recover it despite the fact that his ex wants to regain his freedom? I am answering these questions and analyzing things in this article.

Why does my ex want to enjoy his youth?

Those who are going to read this article, are usually in the middle of Young love and are in the following 3 situations:

- You are in the midst of doubts about your future or about competitions or exams.
- You have just finished your studies.
- You had your first job.

So it's a radical change in your partner's life and yours because you're probably going through those changes at the same time. This causes questions about the future that can be harmful. Especially when more in your band of friends singles seem to have fun and be completely free.

When we come to say to ourselves " my ex wants to enjoy his youth "You also have to understand that the routine has taken more and more place in your life as a couple, and there is nothing worse when you are 20 years old, 25 years old or even that we approach the The beginning was full of passion, feelings but as the relationship goes you do not go out, you spend all your time at each other to do nothing and that the irretrievably pushes to make that decision. Boredom in the couple is one of the main causes of rupture among 18-25 year olds.

When you're a student, you may not always have the same background and you may live at a distance or have no time for each other if you have revisions or work to pay for your studies. Your ex therefore sees the couple as an obstacle to his freedom because he / she can do nothing else in his free time than spend it with you. His decision is guided by wanting more space and not necessarily wanting to be accountable.

The social circle also plays an important role. At his age, the man or woman you love wants to go out with his friends, go on vacation, travel but not necessarily with one and the same person. This is why he / she sees the couple as a difficulty to his personal growth and thinks that celibacy is the solution to feel better.

The other reason given during a separation in a couple of young adults is the fact that the meeting took place too early. When we are 15 or 16 years old we are dreamers and we would like that our first love always lasts. Unfortunately this is rarely the case for several reasons that I would take too much time to detail here. It is sometimes possible to counter this phenomenon but we must be aware that it requires a real work on oneself and especially that it is absolutely necessary to avoid the prohibitions of the reconquest of love.

How to recover his ex when he / she does not want a serious relationship anymore

One of the main mistakes not to commit is to put too much pressure on your ex to get back quickly.If the break is due to a need for distance, a need to take stock, you must not be oppressive or even worse. launch an ultimatum. I am aware that you are in love and want to find the arms of your love as soon as possible, but rushing will not solve the situation, on the contrary.

If you tell him, and I know it is the case in many of your stories, "you love my life" even if you are sincere you will make him / her run away because it is not what he / she wants to hear after such a separation. It is not by making a fantastic declaration of love that we manage to win back his ex and that you are young or older!

This is not the problem, it is not your couple is the fact that you do not live enough experiences, which can be fully understood if you are a student or if the distance you prevents it. You have to show him that you too can have activities on your side. Travel, sport, outings with friends, if you give him the image of someone active, your ex will realize that he / she can perfectly enjoy your youth while being in a relationship.

Nothing forbids you to enjoy two, it's even stronger because the feelings are shared!
On the other hand it will also be necessary in parallel to finish with the crises of jealousy because even if I did not evoke the subject in the first part of the article, very often it is one of the factors which causes a separation and which leads a ex to want enjoy your youth and have other sexual or sexual experiences.

Love has no age, the reconquest no longer!

You must not be ashamed of wanting to start your love reconquest even if you are only twenty years old, you do not control your feelings of love and love at first sight. Love has no age and if you feel that your story is not over, if you want to concretize projects with him / her, you must not deprive yourself because sooner or later regrets may occur.

I sometimes have the opportunity to coach men or women who want to recover their love of youth because for 15, 20 or even 30 years they have never forgotten and have regrets. It is therefore important not to be influenced by external elements that push you to turn the page and make a maximum of meeting to forget it. You must not go against your will. To help you out of this situation, I accompany you personally to take stock of the methods to put in place.


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