Love depression

Love Depression: A deep feeling of sadness caused by a breakdown or other problem within the relationship. Ex: Marie goes through a depression of love following her break with Julien. Many people think that it only happens after a breakup. However, this is not the only moment because a depressed love can also have indirect causes but the result is the same.

The love depression because of a heartache

We all know that love is a great feeling that is more intense than anything. But sometimes it can also have dramatic repercussions.
A heartache is the first cause of love depression. However, it must be known that there are several degrees in this situation. The disappointment is such that we want to find the person we love, or do everything to forget. In both cases, you must first and foremost seek the solution that will allow you to get out of your pain of love.
You should know that it is possible to recover his ex,

the other causes of the depressed love

A separation is not the only cause of love depression.
Thus, it should be known that the fact of arguing a little too regularly with his partner or partner causes tensions that in the long run can lead to a depression in love. The same goes for people who depress for a reason that is not related to their relationship but by dint of questioning their lives, it switches into depression love.

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