How to reconcile couples and night work?

We spend almost a third of our time each week at work. For many, having a stimulating and fulfilling job is essential. Problems arise when for our partner, this ideal job is a night job. So how to reconcile couples and night work?

This will can harm life for two because it is always difficult to manage night work and love life, especially if you have a baby or a toddler.

In addition to communication in the exemplary couple, here are some keys to adapt to this lifestyle a little particular and maintain a strong harmony in the couple.

Difficulties in managing a couple related to night work

When in a couple one of the partners to a night work while the other to a job during the day, it is possible to meet difficulties and in particular:

- Have a quirky schedule and finally only see each other or enjoy each other only a few hours a week.

- There can be complications in the organization of household chores, which can be synonymous with conflicts within the couple.

- Create arguments about the satisfaction of sexual needs given the absence of one or the other.

- Learn to live alone and to be relatively lonely.

- The education of children can be complex because there may be a lack of communication from parents

For some, these problems will create fatal tensions in the couple. But in most cases the reality is different because the strength of feelings overcomes these disadvantages. If the arguments are too frequent, I advise you to read this article to find out how to be reconciled after an argument !

Detach from what is shown in movies

Although these problems exist and people can not deny them, they must be qualified. In general and as I demonstrated in my book "The Code of Love" , we tend to idealize our relationship and follow what we are unwittingly manage your couple.

Often the media, movies or TV shows dictate the way we live. That is to say, to get up in the morning together, to leave to work at the same time, the woman has to do the cooking when returning and the man to take care of the car on the week-end. This kind of cliché is well rooted in the minds of people and anything that is done differently causes reactions of misunderstanding.

Living with a person who works at night that we have a different pace of life and it is essential to accept it to manage well his couple.

Reconcile couple and work: See also the positive!

Nevertheless, different does not mean unpleasant. You just have to be aware of what you are getting into, and there are not only negative aspects:

- When one is a little lonely, it can allow to have moments to oneself

- Keep in mind that moments of tension are the prerogative of all couples and that many argue for housework.

- Regarding the education of children, there may be better coordination. The night worker brings the children to school and his partner picks them up at night or vice versa. There is no need to run for children anymore. What is positive for live together as a couple but also to manage his family life.

- Especially, for people who have trouble making this lifestyle, it must be said that this situation will evolve and it will not last indefinitely.


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