Why do we want to change jobs in the autumn?

Lack of motivation , quest for meaning, search for a new challenge ... Just returned from vacation, you are already thinking of leaving your job and you are far from alone. We explain the reasons that make us want to change jobs in September!

By Switch Collective

# 1. Who says back, says questioned ...

At the time of the return, 60% of the French dream of new professional adventures (survey conducted by the consulting firm Robert Half, 2016). A desire that often emerges during the summer holidays, when time slows down: "This is an opportunity to disconnect, to take a distance from our everyday life. I make sense and if I changed jobs and if I embarked on this project that makes me dream so much, "says Jean Viard, director of research at the CNRS and specialist of free time.

Thus, your deep desires rise to the surface. You approach the beginning, connected to your real aspirations and you become aware of what is no longer in tune with your desires.

# 2. Who says return, says want to change ...

No way, therefore, to let you wither behind your computer. Back to school marks the beginning of a new cycle, ideal for anchoring good habits. For example: give a new twist to your career, find pleasure in work, better balance your professional life and your private life.

Thus, you focus on what you want to change in your life: "It's a very meticulous process, more and more reasoned.We rarely change professional orientation in a snap of fingers", analyzes the sociologist Ronan Chastellier.

# 3. Who says back, says new opportunities ...

The excitement of the new season brings its share of events and meetings: a conference on the new economy, a workshop on management, a debate on happiness at work. So many opportunities to feed your conversion project and fuel your professional network.

By the end of September, after the big rush of the recovery, recruiters are also more available and have better visibility on the projects of their company. To you to push the doors ... and to seize, even to create, your luck!


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