At work, I never feel guilty

At work, I do not have schedules. I can do 6, 7, or 12 hours. I stay until I'm finished. Officially DHR in a luxury fashion company for 15 years, I also attend parades, I give my opinion on collections, I attend all meetings ... If necessary, I help, I console, I boost when I feel drops in shape. If I leave last, I go down the trash.

"Omnipresent!" ... That's the keyword my boss used when he recruited me. He fully trusts me and I have a big salary.

I never feel guilty when I go to the hairdresser during my working hours, on the Psychology forums. com, or on the sites of online sales ... nor even when I smoke my cigarette in my office (open window), because I am alone there.

Why do not I ever feel guilty? Because I have no reason to do it. I work a lot and I like that.

I take 9 weeks of vacation a year to compensate, always during the school holidays. My children see me happy and happy. When one of them is sick, I work at home. Strike at school? I take him with me to the office.

The keys to my balance, productivity and efficiency: certainly the love and support of my husband and my four children. And a good team.


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