Dialogue between Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien: The happiness of being friends

The philosopher Alexandre Jollien and comedian Bernard Campan are friends. How to define this link so strong and so particular? Soft and deep dialogue.

Hélène Mathieu

During a meeting at Psychologies about his latest book, Alexandre Jollien had mentioned his friendship with Bernard Campan. In such moving words that we wanted to hear them talk about it together. What binds two beings a priori so dissimilar? How to define this link? In this dialogue, full of tenderness and collusion, they talked a lot about love, about the slight difference between the two feelings. Then there was a photo shoot and they played together, taking the hand, the head of one on the shoulder of the other, free, childish and accomplices. Like two men who love each other.


"After two months of phone calls, the link was made"

Alexandre Jollien

- Bernard Campan: I discovered Alexandre on television. It was a shock. I was able to get in touch with him through friends. I phoned him and we talked for two hours.

- Alexandre Jollien: It has been a community of enormous sensitivity. After two months of almost daily phone calls, we met. I did not feel that we already knew each other, but that the connection was made. All that remained was to see each other.

The friend

"Take it as it is, whether one understands it or not" Bernard campan

- AJ: A friend is someone you can confess his weaknesses without him benefiting. I would say that in friendship, there is never the fear of confrontation.

- B.C .: It is rare that one can be completely confident. With Alexandre, I know that if anything hurts me, I'll be able to talk about it without fearing his reaction. There is no fear. The fear of disappointing maybe. But it's a fear that does not bother me. In friendship, there is a total relaxation.

- A. J.: That does not prevent disagreements. We feel so much in correspondence that the first disagreement brutally reveals that we are different. That's what's beautiful in friendship. Discover parts of the other that we did not know. We must learn not to want to grab the other. And most importantly, there is never any blame. It's not nothing to blame the other.

- B. C.: Do not want to change it. Take it as it is, whether one understands it or not. Accept it. I do not try to understand Alexander for a long time. In this relationship, the masks are dropped.


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