Believe make him happier?

A Buddhist, a Catholic, and an agnostic who developed his own faith tell us how they identified what really thrived them and how their spiritual journey illuminates their lives.

Violaine Gelly

Blissfully happy ... This is the caricature in which those who claim to find their happiness in the faith are locked up. Moreover, smug and beatific derive from the same Latin etymology: beatus , "happy". As if any belief in a transcendence was a guaranteed passport to bliss, a happy life insurance. As if the great mystics, all religions combined, had not shouted their anxieties in the midst of their nights of doubt. Hidden in the heart of all human adventure, the quest for happiness is intrinsically the quest of each one of us. Whether pursued through a recourse to a god, a political utopia or a model of society, it varies only in its means to achieve it. On the one hand, monotheistic religions incite Jews, Christians and Muslims to build themselves a happiness of asceticism and temperance to better access the supreme ecstasy of a paradise. On the other hand, philosophies and other oriental wisdoms urge us to seek immediate satisfaction here and now. But whatever name they are given, wisdoms, spiritualities or religions all come together to affirm that one can not be happy alone. Because they rely on the incessant confrontation of good and evil, they require their followers to testify of their faith by spreading the good around them. Florence, Paul and Hélène have agreed to tell us how, in their personal lives and in their encounters, their spiritual approach brings happiness to their lives.

Florence, Buddhist

Florence, 36, Buddhist

"Zen taught me to re-enchant the everyday "

"Eight years ago, I discovered the teaching from Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, not only did I realize that happiness was possible, but that we should not wait to grasp it, living is already a good reason to be happy! , the principles of this teaching, I learned to re-enchant the daily, to savor the present by living it "really", without being absorbed by the worries of the day before or the worries of tomorrow. to give them real value Today, I find a simple and complete happiness in small things, watching my sleeping cat or getting up in the morning with the pleasure of having twenty-four hours to live. I happen to be sad or angry, I accept the emotion, I welcome it, I take the time I look at it for a moment, then understand it.I do not fight against her. It is very soothing to know that I can live it fully, that it helps me to know myself better, so to be even more apt to happiness. "

Paul, Catholic

Paul, 29, Catholic

"My recipe is the absolute gift of self "

"Believing makes me happy because I know where my happiness is and how to reach it: it is about achieving holiness that is to say, the absolute gift of oneself. It is a goal, but also a recipe for happiness in everyday life, because tending towards this ideal is, in itself, very fulfilling. In addition to adopting an altruistic behavior, I try, in all that I undertake, to give more than I receive. Of course, the fact that this goal of holiness is probably beyond my strength could depress me. Except that I believe that God guides me, that He accompanies me and supports me, even in my moments of weakness. This motivates to know that someone loves you enough to consider your mistakes as missteps! And when the real seems hopeless, far from the reign of love, I keep hope, trust in God. I consider life through the prism of His love for man and I remain optimistic. I have the chance to believe, to feel that God loves me infinitely and that He gave himself for me. How not to be happy? "


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