Why sex is good for health

Regenerate energy, feel rejuvenated, better health: sexual pleasure acts as a natural remedy and libido prolongs life. Explanations.

Marie-Anne Garcia Bour

Many studies confirm this: desire, this drive of life contributes to our longevity. Simply because the pleasure of making love makes you happy, and the state of bliss is excellent for the immune system. Physical pleasure, a source of energy, promotes a better hormonal balance. The explosion of endorphins in the brain at the moment of orgasm creates this feeling of euphoria, then well-being: calm, reduced stress and anxiety and recuperative sleep.

The hug hormone

The hormone that puts us in this state and makes us addicted to each other is oxytocin. Boosted by caresses and kisses, it reaches its maximum in the blood at the moment of orgasm. Well known for triggering childbirth and developing mother-child attachment, oxytocin also plays a role in protecting against breast cancer. Freed by stimulation of the nipples during sexual intercourse, it would help eliminate the carcinogenic elements of the mammary glands. "A study has shown that women whose breasts are regularly stroked during sex exchanges are better protected from breast cancer, says Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologist, and sex therapist Making love boosts the general and local circulation Regular sexual relations thus lower the risk of inflammatory phenomena that make the bed of cancer and cardiovascular disease.In case of abstinence, it is therefore advised to caress. "

Men also concerned

" On the male side, an American study, carried out on 30 000 men and confirmed by an Australian study, shows that frequent ejaculations lower the risk of cancer of the prostate, "says Frédéric Saldmann, cardiologist, nutritionist and author of Life and Time (I read," Poached"). Statistics are more than accurate: from twelve monthly ejaculations prevention becomes significant and twenty-one ejaculations a month reduce this risk by one third. Indeed, the prostatic massage performed during the report and the sperm emission would help eliminate the carcinogenic cells. And it would also reduce the microcalcifications that accumulate in the prostate. Again, studies point out that in the absence of sex, masturbation protects the prostate.

The Needs of the Heart

A trap of the idea that sexual activity is dangerous for the heart.On the contrary. In women it is abstinence, but also dissatisfaction that would increase the risk of myocardial infarction. In men, according to a study from the University of Bristol, the risk of cardiovascular mortality is halved for lovers of sexual pleasure. Excellent exercise, sexual activity increases heart rate, eliminates toxins through sweat and tones muscles.

But do we really have to count sex exchanges to ensure health and longevity? "We can have a sad orgasm, purely electric, without any feeling of fullness and fulfillment, regrets Alain Héril, psychotherapist and sex therapist. What makes the alchemy of a fulfilling sexuality, it is not the quantity, but the quality of our exchanges. Sexuality that balances body and mind is above all a matter of desire. "And it is this desire, sexual or otherwise, that is fundamentally restorative," insists the psychotherapist.


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