How to handle his fantasies?

How to handle his fantasies?

From sadomasochism to love to many, should we be wary of his fantasies? Are they harmful to the life of a couple?

Jean-Luc Thoreton


1) Is it serious to think of another while making love with his wife?

This kind of thinking is not dangerous in itself because fantasies are there to stimulate. Who tells us that our wife does not think of Harrisson Ford? In fact, what is more boring is when these thoughts are substituted for a present that is rejected.

2) Is attraction to sadomasochism a handicap to building a relationship?

Fantasies are sources of excitement and pleasure. It is not their nature that is problematic between consenting adults, it is rather when they become exclusive.

If the so-called sadomasochistic games attract, we must go discover them to better control them, without ever imposing them, but by distilling them progressively. One can thus make discoveries about oneself and about others. There is no reason to feel alone and certainly not disabled. It is a certain wealth, to everyone not to make it a sterile obligation.

3) Always fantasize about having sex with several men at the same time, is this normal?

Why not? Fantasy serves to put oneself in a state of remarkable excitement. What does it matter if you feel good about it? Let's live what we like without worrying about anything other than our pleasure.

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