Why do my parents prevent me from seeing my daughter?

Why do my parents prevent me from seeing my daughter?

I am 22 years old and a 2 year old girl. I separated from his father and since then my parents do not want to see me anymore. They have established a special relationship with him and together they prevent me from seeing my daughter more than two hours a day. My mother says that I am an incompetent and plays mother with my daughter. I have no place. Why are they doing this? Catherine, Valence

Claude Halmos



The first thing I want to tell you is that this situation must stop because it is destructive for you. We take your daughter, take your place and, besides, we try now - you tell me at the end of your letter - to make you look crazy.

No one could endure such persecution and cruelty for a long time . She is also destructive to your daughter. At 2, you need your mother and father (even separated) and have a positive image of them. We need clear landmarks: to know that a grandfather is not a father, that a grandmother is not a mother, etc. We need to live protected from conflict, in a world where everyone is in their place. Seeing his father allied to his mother's parents to oust this mother is a situation too crazy and too heavy for a little girl to wear.

Therefore, I think you need to find a lawyer - specialized in these matters - to help you. And it might be good to see with him if it would be inappropriate to seize the juvenile judge, because your daughter is obviously in danger. As for why "they" do this, I can not make any assumptions because I do not know their story. Given the seriousness of the pathology of their actions, the problems of your parents probably do not date from yesterday. As for your companion, his participation in this crazy, perverse and incestuous enterprise repeats, no doubt, something of his past life.

Anyway, for the moment, it does not matter. The urgency is not to understand . It is to make things happen in order. And I do not think it's possible without recourse to the law.


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