Céline Alvarez: "Everyone suffers from this unsuitable school system"

With what results?

In the first year, children began to catch up, some even far exceeding the norm in just 6 months. Most children entered reading at age 4 and made 4-digit additions. Above all, they became quieter, more creative, more confident, more self-disciplined and have great social qualities. They were generous and radiant. In the second year, some 5-year-olds showed reading and math skills similar to those in Grade 2.

Why was the experience interrupted?

I do not know, no official reason has been given to me. Certainly because I asked for too much freedom to continue my research.

What to do to reform the school?

No doubt we would have to stop trying to "reform" it, and save our energy to build another one for good. But patience ... teachers are working on this in silence. At my last conference, which lasted 3 days, there were over 700 students from public schools. They came from all over France and elsewhere: Guinea Bissau, Canada, Australia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Vietnam, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Reunion, Croatia ... A new wind blows on "school" from below ". While our decision makers are exhausting each year to launch increasingly inconsistent reforms, the field is active to find relevant leads. Wonderful things are coming.

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