Children: unequal to respect

Suburbs: why so much hate?

Jean-Pierre Roubeau, psycho-sociologist and director of Cetec A2F (1), decrypts the attitude of some young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

"The more a young person lacks self-esteem - he doubts his future, does not feel recognized by society - the more he will tend to be aggressive and transgressive. The problem is that, because they were raised in precariousness by often uprooted parents, many of these young people have missed this framework,

of this authority.

Paradoxically, it is she who they ask and it is to her representatives - teachers, policemen, firemen ... - that they want to collide when they are disrespectful, but it is a vicious circle: the more they are disrespectful, the more they are rejected, and the more they feel rejected, the more they tend to be sidelined ... by disrespect. "

1. Study Center on Educational Work in Community-Training Action. T. 01 40 37 27 07 and www. ceteca2f. com


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