Which therapy my can a child of 18 years follow?

Which therapy my can a child of 18 years follow?

My 18-year-old son is an intelligent child but he is "flat". He does not hold his classes, lacks motivation and is depressed because his friends consider him stupid and reject him. I am going to make him do a neurological assessment and I would like for him a brief therapy but not too upsetting (...) What do you advise me? (Simone, Clermont-Ferrand)

Claude Halmos



I will not give you the advice you ask me. Your son is over 18 years old. If he wants to do a therapy (but he wants it?), It's up to him to take care of it, not you.

But I'll give you another piece of advice. It is to "let go" - as soon as possible - "sneakers" because, too much wanting his good, you are doing his misfortune . What you are describing is serious.

Since he was little, you say, your son "is absent": he does not hear what he is told, lacks total attention, concentration, memory, etc. It hurts his studies and puts him at odds with others. Now, these symptoms disappear only in one circumstance: when he does something he has chosen himself and which interests him. In other words, when his head is plugged into his desire, it goes back to work. Strange, no?

You should think about this and also the "accompanied driving" sessions that you do with him, because he has already missed his license twice (to behave alone?). You say that you are afraid and must constantly intervene, because he sees neither the lights nor the "stops". What about these scenes except that they clearly show that your son is behaving as if he is constantly waiting for your head to work instead of his own. This explains its symptoms but goes very far. Because to leave it to you for the fires and the "stops" is to give you the power to decide, in its place, if it continues to live or die ...

I do not know how was built this story between you, what she repeats and the role your husband plays (totally absent from your letter). But I think you and your husband should talk to a psychoanalyst about this. It is more than time.


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