I will always be an adopted child

"I was born in 1948 of a childbirth" under X. "Entrusted to a nanny until the age of 2 and a half, I was then adopted, but all this I learned only the day I turned 35.

In reality, I had suspected it since adolescence ... Once the shock passed, it took me nearly fifteen years before I could concretely carry out research on my origins. years of anger, at first against my biological mother, whose abandonment I could not understand, and then with the administration, which refused to give me any information. Today, finally, the social action directorates open cases ... even if they are empty.And that is very important for the child: empty files are always better than uncertainty

So I find myself facing three mothers: biological, foster, adoptive. How to position them in relation to each other? The most important is the one that will have transmitted the most love to the child. For me, it was the foster mother.

Now that I know that I have been truly loved, the urge to know my birth mother is becoming less urgent. Little by little, my anger subsides and gives way to serenity. But one thing is certain: I will always be an adopted child, therefore a different individual. "


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