How to talk about unemployment to children?

Your spouse lost his job six months ago and is struggling to find one. How to talk about this period of unemployment to your child? The lighting of the psychoanalyst Claude Halmos.

Speak frankly, with words adapted to his age

"It is essential that parents explain the situation to their child," says Claude Halmos, "he necessarily feels their concern, surprises discussions, finds that the Caddy The imagination of children is limitless, he can consider the worst scenarios: his father is very sick, his parents will divorce ... "Tell him that his dad lost his job not because it hurts worked or made a big mistake, but because his company was not making enough money and had to close; that this situation is temporary, that he looks for work and that, meanwhile, he receives allowances for which he has contributed: you do not live on public charity. "The child, insists the psychoanalyst, needs to to be reassured about his father's skills: he is not worth less than the others, he is neither lazy nor profiteer, only the crisis is responsible for his situation.This is essential, because the image that the The child has of himself built on the one he has from his parents.

Continue to play your educational role

Being unemployed makes you no less legitimate to perform this role: do not spoil your child to save it, at the risk of jeopardizing the family budget; do not lie to him about your financial situation, without alarming him. Explain to him that you must be reasonable for a few months: do not cut corners, but limit the superfluous. He can barter his brand-name cereals for discount cereals, he will only appreciate them later. "This choice may seem painful to the child, but it may be for the parent an opportunity to make him hear what is - or not - important, remarks Claude Halmos, understanding that his desires are not all feasible, the child is structured for the rest of his life. "

Do not forget the joy

To be unemployed n not forbid to be happy, to share warm moments. You can set up a pretty table for her grandmother's birthday, make her a simple but delicious meal, offer her a design done with love. Going for a walk in the forest, visiting a beautiful neighborhood of a city does not cost anything either. "Undertaking things together despite everything, notes Claude Halmos, is to resist adversity, and show his child that we do not give up: a model he will remember the day when, grown up, he will encounter difficulties."


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