I only have relationships with imaginary characters.

I only have relationships with imaginary characters. Should I consult?

I'm 16 years old. I did not have an unhappy childhood, but I am lonely and shut up. Since the age of 4, I invent imaginary characters that are my ideals. I started during breaks when I was alone, and then they became more and more important. To feel good, I need to think about them all the time and I dare not talk to anyone about it. Is it normal at my age? Should I consult? Mireille, Alès

Claude Halmos



I do not think it is "normal" to be, from the age of 4, lonely and withdrawn. The ability to make friends is indeed a criterion at least as important as academic success in assessing whether a child is doing well. It is not "normal" either to have, at age 16, relationships only with imaginary beings. It is the expression of a difficulty and it is difficult to see that it can not be related to what you have experienced in your family.

You say you were not unhappy. Perhaps. Still, it must be remembered that there are childhoods always so sad and dreary that habit prevents those who live from them from becoming aware of them. Be that as it may, one must ask why this loneliness and isolation so ancient. What are you afraid of? Others? From you? You tell me, moreover, that your characters are ideal. Why such a need for ideal, perfect people? To counterbalance what? What happened in your life? Who are your parents?

You took a first step towards the outside by writing to me. I think it would be necessary to make a second one: go to consult and present your imaginary characters to someone who can listen to them.


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