Sexuality Explained to Children

Who should explain? The father or the mother?

Ideally, it would be the same-sex parent as the child who initiates the conversation on the subject. Mothers may find it difficult to talk to their boys about male sexuality as they will become more comfortable with their daughter. However, children often need both sources of explanation to fully satisfy their curiosity. Everyone then has to answer with what he is and what he wants to transmit.

What to say to a little girl who is worried about not having a penis?

Being deprived of a penis is a big worry for the 2 to 3 year old girl. Parents can then reassure her by explaining that her sex is placed inside her belly. It is also an opportunity to emphasize that sex is not only used to pee, but that it also houses a "hole" that allows you to bring in the small seed and bring out the baby. No need to go further at this stage

How to reassure the boy who wonders about the size and the fate of his penis?

At the age of 3, boys often wonder if their sex is going to "fly away". Faced with this anxiety of castration, parents can explain that a sex does not fly, that it is attached to the body. As for the little boy who worries about the size of his sex, why not tell him that he will grow over the years and that his size always differs from one person to another, without this being better? or less well? Little boys often wonder why little girls do not have "zizi". We can answer them that they have a sex inside their belly.


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