Sexuality Explained to Children

Should parents avoid being naked?

Without creating taboos, it's better to avoid showing your nudity in front of a child over 3 years old. Respecting a certain modesty is indeed essential if you do not want to disturb with a show too disturbing for his age. Parents must also refuse to give in if they try to touch their breasts or genitals. By pushing their hand, they can explain to him that these areas belong only to himself and that he does not have to let another touch his sex.

It's also a good time to put the ban on incest. Plunged into the complex of Oedipus that pushes him to claim a place that is not his own with the parent of the opposite sex, the child must learn and understand that he can not marry his parents, brothers and sisters. sisters or cousins ​​and that we should never mix the generations in terms of sex. It will also serve him as an unconscious defense if he finds himself, one day, facing a pedophile.

At what age do girls talk about the rules?

Their questions on this subject are between 6 and 10 years old. It is important to answer to them that at a certain age, the girls' bodies prepare every month to make babies and to become women. We can then specify that when the envelope in which the baby should grow is not used, it is eliminated by letting blood flow, and the sanitary towels or tampons are used to not soil the clothes. By the age of 10, explaining how to use these accessories can be a good way to prepare girls for their first period.

How to approach the first gynecological consultation?

All specialists agree that parents should make an appointment with the gynecologist to their daughter at the first menstrual period. During this visit, the teenager can indeed freely address all the issues that work. Because this first visit is very often apprehended, it is better to advise to consult a woman rather than a man, and it is better also that the teenager sees another gynecologist than that of her mother. This will allow him to feel more confident and, above all, this precaution operates a symbolic break between the sexuality of the girl and that of her mother.

Parents should not forget that boys also ask themselves a lot of questions about how their sexuality works. It is therefore essential to offer them, from the time of puberty, a contact person: family doctor, doctor of a maternal and child protection center (PMI) or family planning.


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