I am constantly trembling for my son

I am constantly trembling for my son

I am 27 years old and a child of 6 years for whom I tremble every day. For his life, for his schooling ... I would give everything so that he never suffers. Lydia - Namur

Claude Halmos



Your letter, Lydia, shows how much one can, when one is a parent, dread for one's child - and even obsession - what we have experienced ourselves. You fear that your son is fragile, that he is hurt, etc. But he will undoubtedly go through trials and life will inflict suffering on him. Because many of them are normal and no one can avoid them to a child. But it will be, to face them, much more armed than many others. Because he has parents for whom he counts; which gives him the feeling of his value. So there is not much to fear for him.

But we probably could not say as much about you, who you are, at age 4, found brutally without a father. And, what's more, in poverty. The very one you fear today for your son. It's hard not to report. And do not tell yourself it's time to stop worrying about your son. My advice will not be for him but for the little girl of 4 years that you have been, and who is still suffering.

Maybe you could go talk to her about a professional who could help her?


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